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Phones and Voice Mail

How to make a call from an on-campus phone to...

  • An on-campus extension: dial four-digit extension (6677)
  • A local off-campus number: dial 9 + 7 digits (9-555-5655)
  • A long distance number *: dial 9 + 1 + area code + number (9.1.999.555.5655)

* if you dial a long distance number in the Holyoke/Springfield area and hear a fast beeping, try dialing it as a local number instead.

Voice Mail

Hampshire's voice mail system has some neat features such as voice-mail-to-email delivery and a web interface for checking messages.

Setting up voicemail
Download the voice mail user guide
How to fix blinking phone light

To access voice mail from...

  • Your on-campus phone: x6901
  • Another on-campus phone: x6900
  • Off campus: Call 413.559.6900; press "#", your extension; then "*" or call your own phone number; and when you hear your greeting, hit the "*" key.

Cell Phone Discounts for Employees

Hampshire employees can get discounts on cell service and phones from AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Visit the tech discounts page to sign up »

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