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Software Available at Hampshire

Campus-wide coverage for Hampshire-owned machines

Limited licenses for use on Hampshire-owned machines
Many of these are also installed in the Media Makers Lab and the Jerome Liebling Center film/photo lab spaces.

  • Apple: Final Cut Studio
  • Apple: iLife (iTunes, iPhoto, etc)
  • Apple: iWork (Pages, Keynote)
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Microsoft Visio

Available in specific labs on campus

  • Autodesk: Maya (CS and IA/DART Lab)
  • SoftImage  (IA/DART Lab)
  • Shake (CS)
  • Minitab (NS)
  • ArcGIS/ArcView (NS)

Contact the help desk to request any of the above software or to find out where to access it. Requests for software not listed above are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Open Source Software

It respects your rights. It's cutting edge. It's free software.

Free software, popularly marketed as "open source software" is free as in "freedom" of speech, not just as in "free beer." Free software isn't owned by any one company; it's a collaborative project often worked on by many programmers, and often under constant revision. These are free software programs we like, but be sure to check the Free Software Directory, and (Open Source as Alternative) for a comprehensive list.

Office/Productivity (Alternatives to MS Office)


The Sciences

  • ChemSketch Chem Draw alternative. Not open source, but free for education.
  • HEC-RAS HEC-RAS allows you to perform one-dimensional steady flow, unsteady flow, sediment transport/mobile bed computations, and water temperature modeling.
  • R Statistical computing and graphics.
  • PSPP statistical analysis alternative to SPSS
  • Serial Cloner Light molecular biology software
  • 4Peaks Mac OS X application for viewing and editing sequence trace files

Multimedia and Audio


Tutorials and Tips

We have tutorials and tips for the most commonly used software at Hampshire.

Web Browsers

Software Discounts for Personal Computers

Students, faculty, and staff can also purchase software at a discount for personally owned computers.

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