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Second HampHack Hackathon Invites Students Beyond Tech, Across Disciplines

Popular Hampshire-style hackathon invites art, design, fabrication students to team with tech students in 24-hour marathon product development


Second HampHack Hackathon Invites Students Beyond Tech, Across Disciplines

Student Computer Diagnostic Center

We're on the third floor of the library.


Has your computer slowed to a crawl? Are you having trouble connecting to the Internet no matter where you go? Do you get pop-ups for "inappropriate" websites that you've "never been to?" Did AOL instant messenger put a horrible weather tracking program on your computer? Have you been visited by the Blue Screen of Death fairy? Do you have computer viruses that you can't seem to get rid of? Is that swirling Mac beach ball thingy all too familiar?

Well, fear not... the Hampshire Diagnostic Center is here to help. For a nominal fee of absolutely nothing (unless you feel like tipping us) we will point and laugh at your computer for at least an hour. Then, after that point, for a further charge of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents we will do our best to fix the problems that are making your computer unusable and unreliable. But there are some things we are not allowed to do.

What we can do

  • We will make every effort to save all of your schoolwork and other important data.
  • We can remove spyware, adware, pop-ups, and viruses from your computer.
  • We can resolve Windows and Macintosh configuration problems that are creating issues with your computer.
  • Upgrade important software on your computer to make your system function the way it's supposed to.
  • Occasionally work small miracles and save your data from a seemingly dead computer.

We cannot

  • Give you software that you do not have
  • Fix hardware problems for computers under warranty.
  • Give you a new copy of Windows
  • Back up all of your music
  • Make your computer better than it is
  • It is not possible for us to get data off of a computer that is completely dead. Please don't be mad at our student workers if we can't make miracles happen.

So, now you're asking yourself, "How do I access this super-awesome elite service, which is so useful while also being free?" Well, it's simple. Head on up to the third floor of the library, step out of the elevator and turn right, then take a quick left, and in the first room on the left you'll find a couple of nerds playing on computers and possibly looking anti-social and maybe crazed. But don't fear; they're really very nice and quite ready to help you out with your computer problems. Before you bring in your computer, please know a few things:

  • If you have a laptop computer, please bring your power supply. We DO NOT have a power supply that fits every laptop in use on this campus.
  • If you have a desktop computer, we do not need you to bring any cables at all. Just bring in your tower. We have a hand cart that you can borrow as long as you leave us your ID.
  • Make sure you have all the CDs that came with your computer and software. We don't have every version of software ever, and if we need to reinstall your operating system, we need to have the install disks if you want your software back on it.
  • Check your warranty information. Remember, we cannot fix some computer problems when the computer is still under warranty.
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