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Thunderbird Settings Quick Reference

ThunderbirdSome of these settings are required during the setup process, and others are set afterwards, through Thunderbird's Tools->Account Settings menu.

Configuration Setting:
It is looking for:
Configuration Value:
Email Address

Your email alias, for replying


Incoming Server

Hampshire mail server for faculty and staff, students, or alums
Outgoing Server:  

Hampshire SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server
Incoming User name:

Your HampNet ID

Example: jjdLO (faculty and staff)

                jjd98F (students and alums)

Outgoing User name:

Your HampNet ID

Example: jjdLO (faculty and staff)

                jjd98F (students and alums)

Tools-->Account Settings/Server Settings

Port Number


Security Settings

995 (POP)

993 (IMAP)

SSL is on

Secure Authentication must be OFF

Tools-->Account Settings/Server Settings/Advanced?

(Note: There are several other settings that are correct by default. These are the ones you must change.)

IMAP Server Directory (if it's an IMAP account)

Use IDLE command if the server supports it

Maximum number of server connections to be cached



OFF (unchecked)



Tools-->Account Settings/Outgoing Sever (SMTP), Edit


Use name and password

Thunderbird 2: Use Secure Connection

Thunderbird 3 only


Check "Use name and password," and enter yourHampNet ID (e.g. jjdLO or jjd05F). 

"Use secure connection:" should be set to TLS.

"Use secure authentication" should not be checked.  Connection security should be STARTTLS.

Files-->Subscribe? (IMAP only)

If it's an IMAP account, select the folders from WebMail that you want to see

Recommend include sent-mail, so you can have one sent mail folder for WebMail and locally sent files .



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