Email Accounts

Hampshire provides Google Workspace accounts to all faculty, staff, students, and alums as a means of fostering communications in support of academic, research, and administrative needs.

We allow users to forward their Hampshire email to another email account. All new emails will be delivered to an account you specify. If using this option, we recommend that you configure your email program to have the option to send mail using your Hampshire account information.

If you set a vacation or away message, mail will continue to be delivered to your inbox, but each person who sends you mail will receive an automatic reply with your away message once a week until you return.

Hampshire users can visit our Intranet Gmail and Calendar section (login required) for detailed instructions and a FAQ for Gmail and Calendar.

Spouses, partners, other family members, or friends are not eligible for an account on the College's email system.

Email policy

Google Workspace FAQ (login required)


Students are provided with accounts upon enrollment at the College and may retain accounts with limited services as alums. All official correspondence from the College sent via email will be sent to these accounts.

When a student account is converted to an alum account, the account's access to any data on any Hampshire College computing resources not explicitly granted to an alum may be removed. Examples of Hampshire College resources granted to alums include access to Gmail, TheHub, and some electronic Library resources listed in the Alum Access section of the Library's Circulation Policies.


Hampshire College offers a free account to all alums and those with electronic academic records. Alum email accounts will remain accessible as long as they are active and maintained. To request your account or reactivate an inactive account (password remained expired for six months and was deleted), please email

Inactive alum accounts, defined as those with a password that has expired for at least six months, may be deleted without notice. If the account is deleted, all email, address book entries, and personalization in the account will be lost. The Gmail account will be available to the alum for reactivation, but old emails cannot be recovered.

Alum access to Hampshire’s Google Drive will be removed on January 31 of each year.

Acceptable Use

The College permits personal correspondence through College accounts as long as such correspondence does not excessively burden the College's network or servers. Additional guidelines may apply to email sent to College mail lists.

The email system may not be used to transmit sexually explicit images or messages that may be construed as harassment, nor may it be used for any communications that contain ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or anything that may be reasonably construed as disparagement of others based on race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious, or political beliefs.