Information Technology Help Desk

The IT Help Desk provides a first point of contact for IT assistance to the Hampshire College community.

Help Desk staff answer communication received via telephone, IT Tickets, and email. They guide clients through troubleshooting processes, assist with HampNet account activation, password problems, and account maintenance. They direct inquiries to the appropriate office and delegate complex issues to other IT staff as needed.

You can perform some simple troubleshooting techniques before reporting a problem.

  • Try closing and reopening a software program giving you trouble.
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse or power problem? Check all related cables for loose connections and check battery levels if appropriate.
  • Password trouble? Make sure "caps lock" isn't on and make sure all keystrokes register on the screen when tapped on the keyboard.
  • Website problem? Try clearing your browser history/cache. Also try a different web browser.
  • Network problem? See if you can connect to other websites, trying both on-campus and off-campus sites.
  • Turn your computer or device completely off, then back on.

If you have a technical problem, it really helps to identify a solution if you provide as much information as possible. Some things you should mention when reporting a problem:

  • When did the problem start?
  • Include any error messages you are seeing.
  • Indicate anything you've recently changed on your computer, whether you think it's related or not. Have you installed new software or updates, added a new printer, spilled coffee on the keyboard?
  • Is anyone else having similar problems in your office or area that you are aware of?

Contact Us

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
3rd floor of the Library

After Hours Support

IT support is available during non-business hours for major problems associated with the central telephone system, significant segments of the campus network impacting one or more buildings, and campus-wide servers. Contact Hampshire College Campus Safety and Wellbeing at 413.559.5424 for significant problems with critical resources during non-business hours and they will contact the appropriate parties.