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A History of Student Activities, 1994-1996

Compiled by Sarah Finger


Jan 28

Charges were dropped against students involved in the "Democracy Wall." Those students that were involved in the painting of the wall were ordered to make three attempts at establishing something resembling the "Democracy Wall" through appropriate channels. Students said it was unlikely anything would happen because the students involved were trying to promote direct action, which the order apparently discourages. No time limit was set on the students' attempts. [The Omen: January 28, 1994]

Mar 4

New Student Orientation in the fall will include a volunteer day. New students will be placed in groups of 10-12 students and lead by returning students, staff, and faculty. Groups will spend time getting oriented to campus and volunteering in the area. [The Omen: March 4, 1994]

The Bi-Group places posters up around campus for events advertising discussion topics and Bisexual Awareness Day. The posters are continually torn down around campus. [The Omen: March 4, 1994]

Sept 28

Tom Levitan becomes the new Dean of Students. He was previously the Dean of Students at New College in Florida. [The Phoenix: September 28, 1994]

Sept 29

Groundbreaking for the Yurt project takes place in the woods between the Arts Village and FPH. The community project is budgeted at $12,000, of which $8,000 came from off campus sources. [The Phoenix: September 28 and October 5, 1994]

Oct 5

The Hampshire College Journal of Philosophy, started by Matthew Kisener, Kira Brunner and Jessica Zorn, is the only undergraduate philosophy journal in the country. The journal will be a venue for student work and hopefully expand a critical dialogue between students of philosophy and other disciplines. [The Phoenix: October 5, 1994]

Oct 12

The Omen changes hands, editor Stephanie Cole who started the publication in 1993 needs more time for her academic work and is turning the publication over to Jonathan Land, who has been writing for The Omen since 1993. [The Phoenix: October 12, 1994]

Oct 19

A rash of car burglary hits Hampshire, Derrick Elmes, Director of Public Safety warns
students to lock their cars. One student who's car was broken into is critical of Public Safety's patrolling of campus. [The Phoenix: October 19, 1994]

Oct 23

Prescott mod 93 is put on House probation after throwing a party without a party permit. The residents of mod 93 were all prospective Div III students with outstanding Div I's. After finding out they all meet the Div III deadline they decided to throw a party, but could not receive a permit through official channels because they did not seek the permit the required 24 hours in advance. Prescott residents put up signs around Prescott the next day protesting the probation 93 received. A wooden spool, six feet in diameter, appeared in the Prescott quad before the party. Residents of mod 93 claim they do not know where the spool came from have dubbed it the "democracy wheel." Mod 93 want party permit laws to be reviewed and claim they will bring the matter to Community Council. [The Phoenix: November 9, 1994]

Oct 26

A small number of candidates and low turn-out at Community Council elections is attributed to student apathy, and lack of information about Community Council's role. Concerns are expressed about the main-streaming of the school and the role this plays in students' attitude toward Community Council. [The Phoenix: October 26, 1994]

Oct 28

The first annual Marijuana Smoke-in is held, sponsored by the Hampshire Marijuana Project, (HeMP). Between 200 and 300 people attend the event held to support the legalization of marijuana. There were speeches and information about the agricultural, industrial, and medicinal benefits of the drug. The event is reported to have "suffered an invasion" from the Hampshire College Floss-in supporting dental floss, the Floss-in was sponsored by KAGFLORT (the Kakistocratic - Aquatic Group Flippantly Lathering Overly Rubicund Throngs), and was meant to be funny. [The Phoenix: November 9, 1994]

Nov 16

About 80 people hold a candle light vigil outside FPH to protest the presence of Filmmaker and Photographer Daniel Lyon. Lyon published a photograph of a woman who was allegedly being raped by a motorcycle gang. Students asked him about the photo during his presentation and Lyon claims that he is a journalist and is not responsible for that which he photographs, he is not sorry for taking the picture, only for publishing it. Lyon claims that the publication of the photo is an issue of free speech. Protesters claim that he is just as responsible for the rape as the men that participated. Lyon claims that the woman never screamed out for help and only after he took the picture did things get ugly. He only printed one copy of the photo. [The Phoenix: November 16, 1994]

Robin MacEwan publishes a letter in the Phoenix addressing recent poster put up around campus questioning if "the Yurt is a waste of student money for personal academic projects." Robin claims that the project is for the community and has involved many community members, some of which are using it for personal academic work. Of the total estimated cost of $12,000, $7,664 has be raised from sources outside of Hampshire so far. [The Phoenix: November 16, 1994]

The first of three public meetngs is held to discuss proposed changes to Division I and the first year experience. Students express concerns about the mainstreaming of the college and the loss of Hampshire's unique education. Administrators tell students that the changes to policy will not make Hampshire less unique but will continue Hampshire's innovative style. [The Phoenix: November 30, 1994]


Feb 24

Comments on the controversy surrounding Hampshire's decision to hire an outside contractor to design the new college logo. [The Omen: Feb 24, 1995]

Mar 1

Concerned film students petition the administration to hire Sarah Hart, visiting assistant professor of photography and digital imaging for a full-time position. Students feel there is a need for more film and photo professors, and cite Hart as a dedicated professor. [The Phoenix: March 1, 1995]

Mar 8

President Greg Prince speaks at a meeting of faculty and staff about the new logo, made up of four rectangles. Many community member have concerns about the new logo and many are opposed to its use. Prince says it is part of a new marketing approach and is already being used. Hampshire paid $9,500 for the copyright to the logo and printing costs of letter head will increase slightly, but Prince believes that the increase in applications expected from the new marketing approach will cover those costs. [The Phoenix: March 8, 1995]

Mar 15

First Year Student, Mia Felix, writes a letter to The Phoenix complaining about her disappointment in the quality of the professors she has taken classes from. She encourages students to get involved in faculty reappointments to make sure that Hampshire has quality professors. [The Phoenix: March 15, 1995]

Administration response to student petition regarding Sarah Hart is that they are concerned with being fair to all disciplines, and realize student concerns, but have made no definite plans for new film and photo positions. [The Phoenix: March 15, 1995]

Three Hampshire students are hoping to start a Student Action Office and Committee to facilitate political activism among Hampshire students. The office would work to aid all students and groups involved in any kind of political action. Both the administration and Community Council have responded positively to the proposal and see it as something that is needed and students will really benefit from. [The Phoenix: March 15, 1995]

Apr 4

An All Community Meeting is held to discuss a variety of issues including the new college logo, Division I changes, graffiti on campus, Physical Plant unionization, and Sarah Hart's position in film and photo. The meeting began with an interruption by fourth year student Khiran Raj, warning that the meeting was an exercise in futility because the students' problems would never be fixed as long as Greg Prince is president. Students of color express concerns that their problems were not addressed at the meeting. [The Phoenix: April 12, 1995]

Apr 5

Geeky and Dorky, a semi-regular social critic column in The Phoenix that rates social events on campus, writes about, among other things, the appearance of Wavy Gravy, social activist and humanitarian Hugh Romney. Geeky and Dorky, pen names used by two Hampshire Students, give their critical opinion of the talk and the audience, referring to them as "patchouli-purchased-at-Crabtree-and-Evelyn-stinkin' pseudo hippies." They also admit to stealing 2 and a half gallons of Ben and Jerry's Wavy Gravy ice cream from the event. The event is given 1/32 star out of 5. [The Phoenix: April 5, 1995]

Apr 13

Pete Rosa, a second year student, and organizer of the men of color special interest housing group, disrupts the mod lottery in the airport lounge by taking the forms necessary for the lottery to take place. In the weeks leading up to the lottery Rosa compiled a list of eleven men interested in living in the mod and filed the paperwork on time, the only special interest housing group to do so. The students requested mod 52 in Enfield an 8 person mod, but instead were assigned to Greenwich mod 35 in donut 5, a six person mod, and mod 52 was placed in the lottery. Rosa believes the living conditions in Donut 5 are unacceptable, there is water damage, mold, mice, and exposed pipes. Rosa does not want to see anyone living in those conditions and was unable to negotiate other spaces for the men of color mod before the mod lottery. [The Phoenix: April 19, 1995]

A number of Hampshire Students write letters to The Phoenix complaining about the Geeky and Dorky article from April 5. Students are offended by the judgments they made about the "hippies" at the event and others were offended that they would steal the ice cream meant for the event. Students see their writing as a cheep shot at other students. [The Phoenix: April 19, 1995]

Apr 19

Students of color are concerned with the administration's compliance with the May 1992 Cole Science Center Agreement. Students are not receiving the correct information they request on the matter from the administration and are concerned about the administrations intentions. [The Phoenix: April 19, 1995]

Apr 21

Students of Color meet with administrators to discuss affirmative action and hiring of more faculty of color, admissions' treatment of prospective students of color, and the Cultural Center's physical condition among other things. The meeting was considered long overdue, but was very constructive, and follow up meetings were planned.

Apr 23

The Women's Art Collective sponsors a mock wedding and reception party to promote women artists. The event included singers, actors, dancers, designers, and writers. The event is not limited to women, and many other groups joined in including AIDS Action Coalition, the Queer Community Alliance, CARE, Our Lady of Leisure, and the Tea Edification Action Structure. [The Phoenix: April 19 and 27, 1995]

Apr 27

A group of women, as part of a Five College coalition, chalked messages about sexual assault and violence around campus. The students are concerned with school policies on sexual assault because they provide the victim/survivor with very few options. [The Phoenix: April 27, 1995]

May 5

Hampshire College graduate Benjamin Goldman wins the top award in the New England Film and Video festival for his work "730 Grove Street" feauturing large puppets. [The Omen: May 5, 1995]

Oct 18

The first edition of Phoenix is published online one year after a campus-wide ethernet network is installed. News editor, Ben Dryer, proposes that Hampshire buy computers for all students to ensure equal access to the internet. [The Phoenix: October 18, 1995]

Oct 25

Community Council is considering a version of the Hampshire College Constitution written by the faculty. This version defines the relationships between governing bodies and more clearly outlines Council's responsibilities. Currently many of the college's policy making bodies such as the School Deans, and School Meetings, are extra constitutional and have no constitutional authority. [The Phoenix: October 25, 1995]

Nov 28

Will Doane publishes an article in The Phoenix critical of President Prince's "IBM style", top down decision making. [The Phoenix: November 28, 1995]


Feb 2

The Community Review Board issues a response to recent chalkings on campus concerning rape, issues on free speech are discussed. [The Omen: Feb 2, 1996]

Hampshire hosts a Conference on Alternative Higher Education, with representatives from Johnston College, Prescott College, Paracollege, and others. [The Omen: Feb 2, 1996.]

Feb 8

Academic Computing staff member copies secret HTML files from student Will Doane's UNIX account on the Hampshire server hamp, at the request of Gina Longo, Doane's former supervisor in student affairs. The files were copies of the student affairs website Doane created while working for SA. Questions are raised about Academic Computing rules and regulations, and under what conditions student files may be accessed. [The Phoenix: March 4, 1996]

Feb 9

Hampshire establishes a Hampshire On the Road (HOR) program to provide information about Hampshire College to prospective students across the country. [The Omen: Feb 9, 1996]

Feb 26

Prescott residents were evacuated to the dining commons by public safety officers early in the morning, after a bomb threat was received over the weekend by Jen Gallant, the Prescott House Supervisor. Alexander G. was arrested the next day in connection with the bombing. He will face a Community Review Board which will determine his fate at Hampshire College, including the possibility of expulsion, as well as a public trial, with the possibility of up to 20 years in prison. [The Phoenix: March 4, 1996]

March 15

A group of Hampshire students tried to rally the campus to hold a smoke in at SAGA to protest a new smoking ban. [The Omen, March 15, 1996]

Apr 1

The Lemelson Design shop opens for student use, the shop is mostly for metal shaping and milling, and soon will be equipped for welding. Most of the shop was funded by the Lemelson Foundation and by Jerome Lemelson personally. [The Phoenix: April 1, 1996]

Students are angry at the lack of continuity of professors in philosophy. Although there are three positions, they do not stay the same year to year due to professors on leave, open positions, and temporary hirings. [The Phoenix: April 1, 1996]

Apr 8

The administration is investigating Community Council finances after members of student groups meet with President Greg Prince to express their concerns about discrepancies in their accounts. Deb Martin, Acting Dean of Student Affairs and Peter Correa, Hampshire College Treasurer-elect, meet with Chair of Community Council L.G. and FiCom Chair Alfonzo Stefanini to discuss the audit. They all hope that they will be able to resolve the problems and put a better system into place. [The Phoenix: April 1, 1996]

May 2

In a joint meeting of Community Council and the College Senate a new constitution is approved which dramatically changes governance structures at Hampshire. The new constitution eliminates the college senate, and changes other structures. The college is operating extra constitutionally as it has been for years. [The Phoenix: October 4, 1996, The Forward: February 12, 1997]

May 3

Commentary on Hampshire's Smoke-in, an event held by the student group HEMP to raise issues about the legalization of marijuna. [The Omen: May 3, 1996]

Sept 16

Twenty-seven Hampshire students sit in silence through weekly Monday morning Breakfast with President Greg Prince wearing signs of protest over the elimination of student support positions, SOURCE coordinator, CA coordinator, and student activities coordinator, and the affirmative action officer. The decision to eliminate these positions was made last May after students left campus with no student or staff input as part of a $500,000 budget cut. [The Phoenix: September 20, 1996]

Sept 19

Dean of Student Affairs, Bob Sanborn and Larry Archey, Director of Physical Plant meet with students to discuss a proposal to turn the Merrill and Dakin Master's Houses into a student center. [The Phoenix: October 4, 1996]

Sept 30

Prince meet with student representatives to discuss the student support positions that were cut. Students made a list of demands including rehiring for all the positions, a public apology, that a committee be formed to review the president, major decisions affecting students not be made without students input, and that the 1992 Cole Science Agreement and 1998 Dakin SOURCE agreement be signed in a legally binding fashion. [The Phoenix: October 4, 1996]

Oct 4

New Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Bob Sanborn, hopes to help students deal with the restructuring of student services and encourages students to come talk to him during his open office hours every afternoon. [The Phoenix: October 4, 1996]

A press conference is held with administration, student representatives, and faculty present to address the concerns of restructuring in student affairs. President Prince apologizes to students for making the decision without student input, but says at this time he can not change the decision. Students are frustrated by the meeting and administrative responses. [The Phoenix: October 18, 1996]

Oct 18

Hampshire College is preparing to undertake a self-study in preparation for next years reaccreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. [The Phoenix: October 18, 1996]

Students continue to have problems with the practice space in FPH for musicians. The storage and practice facilities are inadequate and other rooms used for practice are not sound proofed and disturb residents of Merrill A as well as users of the Merrill living room. A new proposal has been put forth to solve the problems, but no action has been taken so far. [The Phoenix: October 18, 1996]

Nov 1

The administration began to take steps to meet student demands regarding the restructuring of student affairs. An Acting Affirmative Action officer has been hired and a search has begun to find a new director for the counselor advocates. [The Phoenix: November 1, 1996]

Nov 10

Hampshire Students join the Five College Committee for Human Rights and Democracy in Nigeria at a protest at Shell Oil on Route 9 in honor of the "Ogoni nine," Nigerian activists who were executed by the Nigerian military regime in 1995. Shell Oil is targeted because of its exploitation of the Nigerian people, and its support of the military regime. [The Phoenix: November 15, 1996]

Nov 15

Members of the Yurt project, which has been ongoing since the fall of 1994, report that it is scheduled for completion next semester. [The Phoenix: November 15, 1996]

Nov 22

Acting Associate Dean of Community Development, Sibby Anderson Thompkins announces her resignation. Thompkins was hired over the summer after the restructuring of student affairs for a one year position. Thompkins says it has been a difficult semester for her due to the circumstances under which she was hired and the controversy surrounding student affairs. She has been one of the most outspoken staff members on the restructuring, and feels that she is expected to do things that are not part of the job she was hired to do such as be director of the cultural center. [The Phoenix: December 2 1996]

Dec 2

The Counselor Advocates are back on call and taking new cases after hiring a new clinical supervisor/consultant, Hampshire Alumna, Sara Ellinoff. The CAs were unable to take cases due to legal constraints without a supervisor since the beginning of the semester. [The Phoenix: December 2, 1996]

Dec 7

A large snow storm knocks out power to campus in the middle of the night and is not restored until the next morning. [The Phoenix: December 13, 1996]

Dec 12

The Judicial Council rules that Hampshire must operate under the 1971 College Constitution until the new version is ratified by the Board of Trustees. Community Council brought the issue to the Judicial Council as a largely symbolic process to bring attention to the urgency of ratification. [The Forward: February 12, 1997]

Dec 13

Phoenix editor, Ben Dryer, writes of his concerns of administrative and faculty support of a new paper, the context. While the Phoenix is currently not the only publication at Hampshire it is the only traditional newspaper. But it is separate from Hampshire because it is an incorporated not for profit business. Dryer is concerned about what will happen when two school newspapers are forced to compete for advertising business at a school as small as Hampshire. [The Phoenix: December 13, 1996]

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