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The Harold F. Johnson Library Center at Hampshire College is home to many collaborative and creative spaces for student, faculty, staff, and community members. We welcome you to explore these spaces and visit our InfoBar on the main floor for further information.

Division III Showcase

The library exhibits Division III projects, the culmination of the Hampshire academic experience, in a student-designed showcase. On the library's first floor, the browsable Division III multimedia installation includes studio art, digital media, music, papers, artist books, zines, and everything in between. Division III projects are created through collaborative experiences, individualized learning, and interdisciplinarity, and are a wonderful archive of the Hampshire curriculum and experience.

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Robert Seydel Reading Room

Located on the Library's 2nd floor, the Robert Seydel Reading Room is an elegant environment for study and exploration of the Robert Seydel book collection. The thousands of volumes of poetry and literature, books on prehistoric and rock art, history of science, alchemy and occult, art books, photography books, and artist books are nestled in a reading room that is filled with light and composed of polished concrete floors, shelves handcrafted from reclaimed lumber and industrial metal piping, and custom-upholstered seating. The reading room, designed by alum and architect Mike Meo 07F, and the collection embodies Robert's personal and artistic spirit.

Art Gallery

The Gallery is an exhibition space for visual arts, installations, performances, and video presentations. Founded in 1970, the gallery supports the teaching functions of the College and each semester exhibits Hampshire student shows. The gallery supports pedagogical investigations outside the visual arts by occasionally mounting shows in the fields of urban history, the natural sciences, communication studies, and ethnography. The gallery is also a regular host for gallery talks by visiting artists and scholars, book arts workshops, readings, and other creative events tied to Hampshire’s interdisciplinary, inquiry-based curriculum.

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Times Square Marketing Space

Times Square is a 65" LED TV that hangs across from the circulation desk in the Harold F. Johnson Library and is meant to inform the community of upcoming events, news, and other information. Slides submitted by any and all Hampshire community members will rotate daily. This service is free to Hampshire community members.

Only landscape-oriented, 1920x1080-sized JPEGS and PDFs will be accepted. All other formats and sizes will be returned with notes on how to change a given submission.

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