Enchiridion to Hampshire History

*Enchiridion: a handbook or manual; a concise treatise serving as a guide or for reference. -- From the Oxford English Dictionary

In this section you will find brief informal essays on topics in Hampshire College history. Currently included:

Acquiring Land: The story of the original land acquisitions for the college
Bell: The history of the Division Free Bell
Bradford: The Bradford College Room in the library
Bridge: The popular snack bar began as a student project
Bunker: The story of the Five College Library Depository
Dakin: Winthrop "Toby" Dakin, after whom Dakin House is named
Fellows: The Hampshire Fellows program, the first Division III students
Frog: The Hampshire frog and the Frogbook
Hammen: Ruth Hammen, "The Mother of the College"
Holyoke Range Report: An early student project
Johnson: Harold F. Johnson, who gave the original $6 million to found the college
Naming the Buildings
Naming the College
Opening Day Convocation
Patterson: Franklin Patterson, founding president of the college
Red Barn: An early student project
Stiles: Bob Stiles, "The Father of the College"
Tree: The Hampshire Tree
Wenezcek: Andy Wenezcek, an original landowner
Yurt: The reasons behind the building of the Yurt