The Community Commons

The Community Commons (CoCo) is a collaboration, a path and a place.

Under Construction: Please check back soon for revised information!

A collaboration that brings students, staff, faculty, and alumni together in support of experiential and community-engaged learning on- and off-campus. A path that supports the College’s mission to “inspire students to contribute to knowledge, justice, and positive change in the world”. A place where people gather to build community, exchange ideas and access resources. The CoCo is a partner of the Knowledge Commons (KC) and is sharing the KC space in the library to host advising hours, programming, and peer mentoring. All members of the community are welcome to be involved.

Collaborating programs will continue to join the CoCo. Programs include: Critical Studies of Childhood Youth and Learning (CYL), Culture Brain and Development (CBD), Ethics and the Common Good (ECG), James Baldwin Scholars Program, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

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