Knowledge Commons Vision and Planning

Vision Statement

The Knowledge Commons aspires to cultivate a hub within the library to revitalize a campus center, centralize resources, and build a community where we support students in confidently navigating those resources at crucial points during their time at Hampshire.

We aim to do this by:

  • Providing tools for student success by bringing together academic programs, services, and technologies.
  • Valuing students as co-creators with expertise in order to create student-centered spaces, resources, and services.
  • Fostering transparency about the available resources, where to find them, and how they can help students.
  • Fostering trusting relationships between students and staff to promote the use of these resources and tools.
  • Recognizing that struggle is a part of intellectual and personal growth.
  • Building a practice of inclusivity, equity, and justice in our work.
  • Valuing flexibility, iteration, and ongoing assessment of programs and spaces and how they meet the needs of students.