Carrel Policy and Request Process

The library assigns carrels to students during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters.

Apply for a Carrel

Carrel Use Policy

Assigned Carrels

Carrels remain the property of the library at all times. Whenever you are not present at your carrel, other patrons are free to use it. If you arrive and someone is using your carrel, you may ask that person to move.

Hampshire and Five College library items may be left in assigned carrels. These items must be checked out and contain pink Due Date slips, available at the InfoBar. Items that are not checked out will be re-shelved. Reference books and current periodicals, will be re-shelved daily.

Please keep your carrel neat and do not leave trash or recyclables in the carrel. Carrels that become unsightly may be cleared at the discretion of the library staff.

At the end of each semester, carrels are cleared completely.

The responsibility for personal items and checked-out library items remains yours. Leave them at your own risk. Do not leave valuables unattended in your carrel; thefts have been reported in the library.

Assignment to a carrel is an agreement between the student and the library to observe good library conduct. Carrel holders agree to keep noise to a minimum and respect the needs of those around them. Social conversations and hang-outs should move from the carrels to a more social space in the library, such as the library’s first floor.

Open Carrels

Ten carrels will remain unassigned and be designated open carrels. Patrons can use these carrels, on a first-come, first-served basis. Patrons are not permitted to store or leave items in the carrels, nor do anything to claim them beyond the duration of that day’s library visit.

The library reserves the right to assign an open carrel outside of the carrel process and on a case by case basis.

Tables in the library are also shared spaces, and should be available for use by all patrons.

Assignment Process

The library will give priority in the following order to:

  1. Final semester Div III students willing to share carrels
  2. Final semester Div III students
  3. First semester Div III students who are willing to share carrels

Students who fit the above criteria and who have not previously had carrel access will be given priority.

Carrel space is limited, so we highly encourage you to find a carrel mate with whom you can share the space. If you list a specific carrel mate in your application, that individual must also submit an application and list you as their carrel mate. Make sure you communicate with your intended carrel mate before submitting your application. If you are willing to share a carrel, but don’t have a carrel mate in mind, the library will facilitate a match.