Academic Event Support

Event Production Support

Hampshire College provides AV support for Academic events on campus through our Media Production Coordinator, Taylor Ortiz. Support in spaces without sound amplification such as The Kern or the solar canopy can be used for community events via this support. Taylor can also help with any Zoom or Zoom hybrid events on campus as a technician, as well as set up Zoom Webinars for lectures and panels that need more security. To request AV or Zoom event support please use this link.

The majority of events on campus can successfully happen using preexisting installed presentation equipment or possibly augmenting it with a loan from our collection. Currently enrolled Hampshire students, staff, and faculty with a valid ID can borrow an array of presentation equipment such as powered speakers, microphones, and digital projectors at no additional cost. Be sure to allow ample time to make training appointments during office hours and to reserve necessary equipment at least five days ahead of your event.

There are many factors such as budget, scale, and location as well as content and tenor of an event that can shape media services involvement, so be sure to get in touch early in the planning stages to see how we can help. 

Event Production Support Policy

  • Media Services only supports academic and student group events that happen on the Hampshire College campus.
  • Requests for our services or equipment and consultation must be made at least five business days in advance of the scheduled event. Media Services reserves the right to refuse service to those who do not comply with this policy.
  • Patron must be present to manage talent (lecturer, artist, performer) and keep schedule during the event. If patrons cannot be present, they must designate a liaison to do so. 
  • The Media Services staff's task is to make sure the event sounds and looks the way the patron requested. 
  • Patron must provide a computer for the presenter. IT can lend computers for events. Media Services does not lend computers or tablets.
  • Event production support and recording are separate services and are billed accordingly. If staff hired to provide event production support is pulled away to provide unplanned recording, Media Services reserves the right to charge for that additional service. 

Campus Spaces

Many spaces on campus are scheduled by the event services and summer programs office (ESSPO). Students, faculty, and staff can check availability and schedule a room through their reservation system. Check the two sections below for spaces installed with presentation equipment, and if their use necessitates staff support. 

Requiring Media Services

Patrons using these spaces with installed presentation equipment must contact media services to either staff their event or be trained and certified at least five days before the event. 

  • Main Lecture Hall (MLH)
  • Red Barn
  • Robert Crown Center (RCC)

Other spaces on campus, such as theaters, studios, and classrooms are under the management of their respective programs and subject to their policies and procedures. 

Recording Events

The Media Production Coordinator (Taylor Ortiz) also handles event recordings on campus. As with the event support requests please fill out this form two weeks or more before the event you want to be recorded:

Event Recording Request Form 

Additionally, if you need photographs taken of any events the same form from above can also be used to contact the communications department who will be able to do so.