Media Services Loan Policy

Who May Borrow

Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff as well as Five College students enrolled in Hampshire-specific courses may borrow media production and audiovisual equipment with a valid ID. Restrictions may apply to certain collections. Visitor patrons, students on leave, or field study students do not have borrowing privileges.

Patrons interested in borrowing production equipment or using the media lab facilities must be certified by library staff.

Loan Periods

Equipment can be borrowed for up to seven days (one week).


No automatic renewals. Patrons must email or call to renew any item. Patrons needing items longer than one week should specify the exact dates up front and clearly in their appointment to borrow equipment request. We can be flexible with some renewals, but please be in communication with us to avoid being overdue. Our equipment is a limited resource and high demand can make some items hard to get, please be considerate to fellow community members. Make use of what you borrow when you have it and return items as soon as you're done, so that others may have a chance. Share! Don’t hoard.

Equipment Borrowing

Many items in our collections (cameras, tripods, projectors) require that you make an appointment to borrow equipment, ideally at least five business days in advance. Small items like cables, adapters, and other incidentals do not require an appointment and can be borrowed during open hours.

Media services does not loan equipment over winter recess, nor summer break. As stated in the loan policy, media services does not lend any items to students on leave or field study. Patrons can apply for exceptions to this policy, but as media services' collections are in high demand for regular coursework and research, requests for exceptions are considered but not always granted. To apply, please contact your Div III faculty chair and follow these guidelines.

Equipment Return

Always return borrowed items to a staff person, either at media services during office hours or to the staff at the circulation desk after hours. Never leave any equipment unattended and always store your borrowed items in a locked and secure location.

Overdue Notices and Bills

Overdue equipment items are charged at the rate of $5.00 per item per day overdue. If an item is not returned, the patron will be charged for the item's replacement. Patrons can be charged for the replacement of damaged or lost equipment. Overdue notices are sent via email. Please return items on time and be in touch to keep from being billed!

Patrons are responsible for all equipment items checked out in their name from the time the equipment leaves our office until it is returned. Billing for damage, loss, or theft of borrowed equipment is subject to review with media services staff and faculty advisors.