Mixed Nuts Food Co-Op

Mixed Nuts Food Co-Op is a student-run, volunteer-based collective that aims to promote equality, respect, honesty, and responsibility within the context of food systems and cooperatives.

Located in the Roos-Rohde House, Mixed Nuts aims to provide healthy, socially conscious, affordable, and tasty food products to the Hampshire College community. The store covers a range of food items from by-the-pound snacks to mod grocery staples. We also carry consignment items created by Hamp students such as jewelry, notebooks, zines, and more in-store. Our products are intentionally sourced from vendors we support: local businesses, other cooperatives, and fair trade organizations.

We dedicate ourselves to serving the greater Hampshire community, including students, faculty, staff, families, neighbors, alumni, and the occasional groundhog. This can come in the form of feedback from customers to collaborating and building relationships with other organizations, on campus and off.

Our hours are updated as regularly as possible. We currently meet at 6 p.m. on Sundays in the Roos-Rohde House.