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ESSP Courses

Relevant courses for students studying Environmental Science and Sustainability-related issues include:

Humanities, Arts, Design

Advanced Architectural Design Studio: Narrative and Journey, in Designed Space
Advanced Design + Media Lab: Art, Architecture and, Environment
Culturally Appropriate Design
Design Investigations
Politics of Popular Culture
Photography, Observation, Landscape: Portrait of a Place
Reinventing the Toilet
The American Transcendentalists
The Culture of Capitalism
Theory of Architectural Ideas: Nature, Culture, and Architecture

Natural Sciences

Agriculture, ecology & society
Agriculture, Food and Health
Agroecology: Social and ecological dimensions of agroecosystems
Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
Applied Statistical Methods and Climate Change
Chemistry and Physics of Solar Energy and Energy Storage Technology
Chemistry I
Climate Change: Exploring the Science and Solutions
Controversies in Agriculture
Earth and Life through Time
Ecology of New England Old Growth Forests
Elements of Sustainability
Environmental Resources Seminar
Field Naturalist
From Farm to Fork
Geography, Ecology, and Indigenous Americans in the Pacific, Northwest, 1800 to the Present
Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Innovations for Change: Problem Solving for the Future
Life and Water in the American Southwest
Molecular Ecology
Natural Products of Farm & Forest
Physics I
Saving Seeds for Farming and Gardening, a Seed School with Native Seeds
Stream Ecology
Sustainability in Practice
Sustainability Seminar
Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
Sustainable Hampshire
Sustainable Landscaping Practicum
Sustainable Water Resources
Terrestrial Ecology
The Future of Food
The West of Ireland: Land and Culture
Toolkit for Regenerative Urban Ecologies
Tree Rings and Climate Change
Pollution & Our Environment
Vernal Pools: Ecology, Evolution and Conservation
Water in a Changing Climate
Water and Life in the American Southwest
Winter Tracking

Social Sciences

Appropriate Technology in the World
Buddhist Economics
China Rising
Competing Urban Visions: Reflections on the Shaping of City Life and City Space
Controversies in U.S. Economic and Social History
Creative practices, the arts, social justice & social change
Creative Reuse: Tinkering meets Repurposing
Critical Ethnography: Following the Food
Design and Entrepreneurship for Social Impact
Design Fundamentals
Economics and the Environment
Environment and Community
Environmental Education: Foundations and Inquiries
Environmental Human Rights in the International Legal Regime
Framing Climate Change: Who's Taking the Heat for Global Warming?
Gender in the Changing Global Economy
Geographies of Exclusion
Hot War: The Impact of Climate Change on International Peace & Security
Introduction to Buddhism and Society in Asia
Introduction to Economics
Law and Society
Panacea or Pipe-dream: Microfinance in International Development
Political Culture
Principles of Sustainable Farming
Rethinking the Population Problem
Rivers of Life & Death
Seeds and their Stories: The Cultural and Ecological History of Food
Social Entrepreneurship
The Business of Change: Social Action Through Entrepreneurship
The Contested American Countryside
The Rivals: US-China Geopolitics in the 21st Century
Theater and Performance of Social Change
Think Globally, Design Locally
U.S. Climate Law and Policy
U.S. Foreign Policy, Human Rights and Democracy
War, Resources, and Sustainability
Women's Design and Fabrication
Writing the Urban Experience


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