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Decoding Hampshire

Have a GEO meeting in the FPH WLH? Here's a guide to the acronyms.

APL: Airport Lounge
ASH: Adele Simmons Hall
BOT: Board of Trustees
CASA: Center for Academic Support and Advising
CBD: Culture, Brain, and Development Program
CC: Cultural Center
CFF: Center for Feminisms
CLA: Campus Leadership and Activities
CLPP: Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program
CMC: Collaborative Modeling Center
CRB: Community Review Board
CTL: Center for Teaching and Learning
DLR: Dakin Living Room, Dakin Student Life Center
ECG: The Ethics and the Common Good Project
EDH: Emily Dickinson Hall
ELC: Early Learning Center
ELH: East Lecture Hall (room in Franklin Patterson Hall)
ELP: Embodied Leadership Project
EPEC: Experimental Program in Education and Community
EPC: Educational Policy Committee
ESSP: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Program
FPH: Franklin Patterson Hall
FPV: Film, Photography, and Video Program
G/E: Greenwich and Enfield Houses (one shared office)
GEO: Global Education Office
HCFC: Hampshire College Farm Center
HLP: Holistic Learning Program
HOO: Housing Operations Office
HR: Human Resources
HRP: Hampshire Research Project
IA: School for Interdisciplinary Arts
IDI: Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
ISIS: Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
IT: Information Technology
JLC: Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video
KC: Knowledge Commons
KERN: The R.W. Kern Center
LC: Learning Collaborative
LLC: Living and Learning Community
MDB: Music and Dance Building
MISS: Multicultural and International Student Services
MLR: Merrill Living Room, Merrill Student Life Center
NS: School of Natural Science
NSE: New Student Programs
OARS: Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
OPRA: Outdoor Programs, Recreation, and Athletics
PAWSS: Peace and World Security Studies
PopDev: Population and Development Program
QCAC: Queer Community Alliance Center
RCC: Robert Crown Center
SAC: Staff Advocacy Committee
SAN: Student Advocacy Network (SAN) Student Government
SPARC: Speaking Across Resilient Communities
SOURCE: Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities
WLH: West Lecture Hall (room in Franklin Patterson Hall)

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