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Orientation Activities

Orientation comprises various activities that you'll participate in, which may include:

Discussions and Workshops

Hampshire's Academic Program

Students will engage in dialogue with faculty, staff, and deans from the Center for Academic Support and Advising who will discuss intellectual life and the academic program at Hampshire, including an overview of the new Division I program. Transfer students will attend sessions specifically about the transfer student experience. Students will learn how their transfer credits will map onto the divisional system.

Circle discussionCommon Read Discussion

As part of Hampshire College's commitment to anti-racist pedagogy, we have established The New York Times Magazine 1619 Project as the Common Read for 2020-21. This is your first opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions, and questions about the common read with your new classmates and faculty. Check the links below to learn which pieces have been assigned to you and prepare your response (visual, audio, or written responses are all great!).


Our Identities, Our Community

Students will participate in a foundational identity workshop designed to help participants to better understand their own multitude of identities, the ways in which they intersect, and how they inform their experience at Hampshire and in the U.S. Participants will be introduced to behaviors that support dialogue in a diverse community, with the goal of empowering themselves and others to continue to engage in conversations about social justice, oppression, power, and privilege on our campus and beyond.

Fun Activities


If you're still raring to go after orientation activities, the orientation leaders provide various opportunities for you to further your introduction to Hampshire life.

These activities often take the form of introductions to Hampshire athletics; student group and identity-based meet-and-greets; film screenings; and academic program information sessions.

Examples of past optional activities include a theatre meet-and-greet; interactive tours of green spaces on campus; pick-up basketball games; an open mic; and an opportunity to try the climbing wall.

Opening Celebration (Fall Orientation Only)

Orientation ends with an opening celebration, an academic event marking the official beginning of the year. During this important event you'll hear from the President and other prominent members of the Hampshire College community.

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