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Confirmation of Two H1N1 Cases at Amherst College

Confirmation of Two H1N1 Cases at Amherst College
Amherst College has shared with us the information that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that the two flu samples submitted to them late last week are positive for H1N1 influenza, or swine flu.

This news should not be cause for alarm. Amherst College has already been treating every student who has tested positive for type A influenza as an H1N1 flu case — taking the extreme measure of isolating them for at least a week from the onset of symptoms and prescribing them antiviral medications. As a result of these precautionary measures, the flu level on the Amherst campus has stabilized and their Health Services reports a leveling-off of new positive influenza A tests among students. In addition, both of the Amherst College students who had H1N1 flu are almost fully recovered. Their other students who have tested positive for type A influenza are also doing well. It should be noted that thus far, most H1N1 flu cases in the United States have been relatively mild, as have those at Amherst.

While Hampshire College has no reported cases of influenza, we still strongly encourage students who experience flu-like symptoms to call Health Services at ext. 5458; after 5 p.m., call 577-5000. Faculty and staff experiencing symptoms should see their primary care physicians.

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