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Atlas, a Short Film by Nadia Lesy 95F

Nadia Lesy 95F's new short film, Atlas, showcases the multimedia Parkour performance group Bullettrun in a production loosely based on traditional Greek mythology.

As Bullettrun's artistic director and choreographer, Lesy has helped bring Parkour (a sport that involves overcoming obstacles through running, climbing, jumping, and other acrobatic movements) from the streets to the stage in several acclaimed performances as well as in short documentaries and experimental films.

Atlas was shot at Lightspace Studios in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn by videographer Wayne Herrschaft.

"It was really exciting," Lesy said. "The last time I worked on something in a space that big was at Hampshire, when I convinced the theatre department to let me shoot in the black box theater."

She credits Hampshire with providing the mixture of support and freedom that allowed her to focus on both dance and film. Those fields merged in her Division III (senior) video Light.

Lesy plans to submit Atlas to several film festivals, and may also turn it into a video installation for gallery showings that, she hopes, will introduce more people to Parkour and the Bullettrun group.

"Even if people can't get to the performance space, you can bring that space to the people through video," she said.

Directing and Choreography: Nadia Lesy 95F
Videography: Wayne Herrschaft
Performers and Co-Choreographers: Basilio Montilla, Keith Horan, Maia Ramnath, Joey Arato, Brian Rodriguez, Konrad Marciniec
Location: Shot at "Lightspace Studios" located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC:

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