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Sander Thoenes Research Award for Janina Glasov 09F

Hampshire College student Janina Glasov 09F has been awarded a Sander Thoenes Research Award.

The Thoenes Awards support fieldwork and research costs involved in completion of recipients' Division III projects, the senior thesis required of all students for graduation from Hampshire College.

The award, which honors the memory of Sander Thoenes 87F, goes to students working in international relations, peace studies, or journalism.

Preference is given to projects conforming to the spirit of Thoenes' remarkable, if tragically brief, career as a foreign correspondent. At the time of his death in 1999, killed by Indonesian militia while in East Timor reporting on its attempts to become independent, Thoenes was Jakarta correspondent for the Financial Times of London.

Glasov's Division III work is a literary journalism project that explores different stereotypes of female deviance, their social and political foundations, and the effects of these labels in the individual lives of "deviant" women.

Through extensive interviews with five different women, Glasov will create portraits that reveal how each subject exists both within her label and beyond it in an attempt to reverse the isolating and stigmatizing process of being labeled deviant, calling into question the accepted bounds of femininity and, ultimately, expanding them.

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