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Creative Interventions Div III Presentations

Organized by the Arts and Social Action Program in the School for Interdisciplinary Arts, Creative Interventions presents a selection of arts and social action Div IIIs combining forms of creative practice and engagement with social issues. The event is from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Red Barn on Wednesday, May 7.

In order of presentation:

Nicole Daniels
Kids on Bikes: Race and neighborhood surveillance in 'post racial' America
Chair: Djola Branner (IA); Members: Chris Tinson (CSI) and Kevin Quashie (Smith College)

Maggie Scott
Are You Queer Enough to Be Here?: Exploring Exclusion within the Lesbian Feminist Movement and Reclaiming Femininity through Documentary Performance
Documentary theatre performance
Chair: Will MacAdams (IA); Member: Stephen Dillon (CSI)

Joshua Reynolds
Imagine the Earth: Illustrating Environmental Science and Philosophy
Digital illustration, children's literature
Chair: Noah Charney (NS); Member: Tim Zimmerman (CS)

Milo Muise
Bodies: Termites & Magic
Creative writing (poetry, lyric essay, theoretical)
Chair: Annie Rogers (CSI); Member: Aracelis Girmay (IA)

Kitty Cassetti
To Be Swallowed Whole: Red and the Wolf
Costume design
Chair: Peter Kallok (IA); Members: Lise Sanders (HACU) and Beth Smolin (IA)

Sara Lawrence
Chrysalis: A Healing Coming of Age Novella
Creative writing (fiction)
Chair: Ellie Siegel (IA); Member: Jane Couperus (CS)

Finley Janes
Quit Thee Like Men: Using Art and Research to Explore the Pressures of Gender
Intaglio printmaking
Chair: Pamela Stone (CSI); Members: Jill Lewis (IA) and Megan Dobro (NS)

Cat Guzman
Beyond the Razor Wire: Three Narrative Portraits of Formerly Incarcerated Women
Creative writing (nonfiction), photographic documentary portraiture; audio narrative
Chair: Chris Tinson (CSI); Members: Marian MacCurdy (Office of the President) and Sandra Matthews (HACU)

Chelsea Rose
Integrating 7th Grade Biology and Theater, a Symbiotic Relationship
Theatre, performance facilitation
Chair: Natalie Sowell (IA); Member: Laura Wenk (CS)

Allxie Cleary
Creative writing (narrative and academic)
Chair: Donna Cohn (IA); Member: Frederick Wirth (NS)

Mireidys Garcia
Letter to the Immigrant's Child: An interdisciplinary writing and bookbinding project
Interdisciplinary writing, bookbinding
Chair: Aracelis Girmay (IA); Members: Heather Madden (IA) and Annie Rogers (CSI)

Jake Taylor
Find video production in grass roots music community
Chair: Jana Silver (IA); Member: Jules Rosskam (HACU)

Other works represented

Vicki Capote
Creating Spaces: Using Applied Theatre, Art, and Performance to Build Community and Space
Chair: Natalie Sowell (IA); Member: Will MacAdams (IA)

Jules Cowan
From the West Coast to the West Bank: Nation-State Militarism and Mixed Media Resistance
Website design
Chair: Chris Tinson (CSI); Member: Susana Loza (HACU)

SarahMay Harel
Positive Praxis: The science and practice of well-being
Workshop facilitation
Co-chairs: Laura Sizer (CS) and James Miller (CS)

Madeline Rosene
Young Women and Cosmetic Surgery: A Psychosocial Analysis
Literary journalism Chair: James Miller (CS); Members: Joanna Morris (CS) and Michael Lesy (IA)

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