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SuperDense Quantum Teleportation Success

Theoretical physicist Herbert J. Bernstein is a member of the research team publishing the first report of successful SuperDense quantum teleportation.

Hampshire’s Professor Bernstein posed the theory of SuperDense quantum teleportation more than a decade ago in his investigations of different ways to send a quantum state from one part of a laboratory to a remote station.

Herbert J. Bernstein

The report — “SuperDense Teleportation Using Hyperentangled Photons” —appears in Nature Communications, an open access journal publishing research that represents significant advances within various scientific fields. The article authors are Trent Graham, Bernstein, Paul Kwiat, Tzu-Chieh Wei, and Marius Junge.

Although the team of experimental quantum mechanics investigators has presented its work at conferences, the accomplishment of the actual feat of SuperDense teleportation was previously unpublished. The article in Nature Communications documents their successful experiment, entering it in the official literature in the field. The advantage over quantum teleportation — and over any classical means of sending information — was well demonstrated by this experiment.

Funding from NASA supports the team’s research, which eventually will include testing SuperDense quantum teleportation on the International Space Station.



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