April 1, 2019: Statement from Luis Hernandez 70F and Kim Saal 70F

To the Hampshire Community,

We write to you with the news that Chair Gaye Hill P02 has resigned from Hampshire’s Board of Trustees effective immediately. As stipulated in the College’s bylaws, Luis Hernandez 70F, the longest serving current vice chair, took over as chair at a meeting of trustees Sunday. Board members assured a smooth transition. For six years Gaye has led the Board with vision, purpose, and the deepest commitment to Hampshire as a learning community founded on the principles of inquiry-based education and social justice.

Gaye made the following statement about her departure:

“Since we set out on a most difficult path to secure Hampshire’s future, we’ve encountered a range of emotions and reactions. I’ve heard bewilderment, fear, and disagreement from some quarters, and from others, support and understanding for our having taken decisive action at a most critical time. These were expected. What I didn’t expect was the vitriol, slanderous attacks, and the questioning of motives that have been leveled at not only me but at colleagues who have been working months on end with one goal in mind: to bring Hampshire through the worst financial crisis in its history. I’ve become a lightning rod for criticism and felt it was time to step away.”

We’ve worked alongside Gaye on the Board for many years and have the highest regard for her leadership and wisdom. She has been a steadfast advocate for this institution—for all members of our community—and a most generous benefactor. We’ll miss her presence on the Board even while her myriad contributions will continue to be felt.

As we move into this next phase of our work to bring about a sustainable future for Hampshire, we’ll keep our focus, engage the working groups and the community at large, and continue to communicate with you about our progress.


Luis Hernandez 70F, Chair
Kim Saal 70F, Vice Chair