Division III Profile: Jonah Taylor's Tech Project Earns Him an Award and a Job

Jonah TaylorTaylor 11S redesigned the organization's software interface and marketing website. Both launched in March.

"What makes my work and perspective unique is the organizational analysis I apply to web and interactive projects," Taylor says. "This means taking what works best from the brand and corporate identity world, like careful attention to the shared beliefs, behaviors, and artifacts at the heart of any organizational culture, while identifying opportunities for market differentiation and using those brand identity insights at the earliest stages of product development."

"I enjoy the 'storytelling' inherent to any design project. The challenge of transforming complex information into a cohesive narrative is enormously gratifying for me," he says.

Taylor's work at PolicyMap earned him the 2014 American Inhouse Design Award, from Graphic Design USA. The award seeks to honor the best design from companies across a number of categories.

As a result of his internship, Taylor recently accepted a position with PolicyMap as a user interface designer.

Division III Committee:
Instructional Staff for Design and Innovation for Social Change Colin Twitchell
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Social Entrepreneurship Megan L. Briggs
Associate Professor of Computer Science Jaime Dávila