Hampshire Alum and Water Resource Engineer Mimi Alkattan receives Fulbright Award to Research in India

Hampshire alum and environmental engineer Mimi Alkattan 13F recently received a Fulbright Award to conduct research on the drinking water quality supplied to Indian cities.

“Cities in India, and other low- to middle-income communities, receive piped drinking water only intermittently to their households. The infrequent delivery of drinking water to these homes impacts the water quality, which in turn impacts the health of the families that use it,” Alkattan said.

As part of her research, Alkattan will study the specific impact that this intermittently-piped drinking water has on microbial drinking water quality. The results of the study will be used to make recommendations on improvements to drinking water quality, with the goal of providing better health outcomes.

Alkattan currently holds a position at the CDC's Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch working on a project to build international lab capacity for the eradication of cholera.

Alkattan received her B.A. from Hampshire College with a concentration in environmental and water resource engineering. As an undergraduate, Alkattan also served as a project manager for Engineers Without Borders. After graduating from Hampshire, Alkattan joined the Peace Corps and served as a community health agent in Guinea and Mali, West Africa. 

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