Hampshire College Professor Alan Goodman to Present at Upcoming UN Training Conference

Hampshire College Professor of Biological Anthropology Alan Goodman will lead a training session for all United Nations (UN) agencies as part of an upcoming conference dedicated to addressing racial discrimination in UN programming processes.

The conference is sponsored by the UN Network on Racial Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, a network established in 2012 to improve conversation and cooperation between various UN departments, agencies, and funding programs.

Goodman’s “Master Class” presentation on “Race, Racism and Human Genetic Variation: Connections and Disconnections” opens the training program.

Goodman teaches and writes on the health and nutritional consequences of political-economic processes such as poverty, inequality, and racism. He previously served as Hampshire's dean of faculty and the president of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and continues to co-direct the AAA's public education project on race.

Goodman’s newest book, Racism, Not Race, will be published in December of 2021. The book, co-written with Joseph L. Graves Jr., the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, addresses and unpacks some of the most pernicious misconceptions around race, human biology, and racism.

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