Hampshire COVID-19 Update

Dear Hampshire College Community,

Our community has been working responsibly and creatively to respond to the continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are taking a number of important steps effective today, detailed below. Most important, Hampshire College will temporarily adopt remote instruction after spring break in order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and allow time to assess whether students can return to campus in April. We will allow students with extenuating circumstances to apply to remain on campus after spring break.

In our planning we are prioritizing the health and safety of Hampshire College, our students, and the broader community. We are also committed to supporting the academic welfare of our students. Hampshire’s unique educational model is complex, demanding, and cooperative. Our Division III students are often working on projects dependent upon campus resources and spaces that cannot be transported or replicated at a distance.

After extensive consideration of many strategies and reviewing the policies adopted by other higher education institutions, Hampshire College will implement the following steps:

  • Classes will continue to meet in person through Friday, March 13.
  • Students must leave campus housing by Sunday, March 22, and should plan to remain away from campus until further notice.
  • Beginning March 23, Hampshire College classes will be delivered remotely.
  • Remote instruction will continue through April 3.
  • We will evaluate the situation and determine by April 1 whether remote instruction needs to be extended, and whether students may return to campus.
  • All international students may remain on campus.
  • Students with extenuating circumstances, as defined below, may apply to remain on campus using this campus housing application form.
    Students with extenuating circumstances include:
    • Students unable to make travel or alternate housing arrangements and would thereby experience extraordinary hardship
    • Students who are unable to relocate to a secure living environment
    • Division III students whose projects cannot be completed without access to resources only available on campus
  • Students approved to stay on campus beyond March 22 are expected to stay in campus housing during spring break and avoid significant travel.
  • Students approved to stay on campus beyond March 22 who have left or plan to leave campus will be required to provide to the College all details of their travel; depending on their itinerary, these students may be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • The policies on travel and events established on March 10, 2020, remain in place and are archived on the COVID-19 webpage below.

This disruption of campus life is difficult for all of us and presents unprecedented challenges. This year we have come together as a campus community, and we are a stronger community for it. I hope we can work through this challenge together in that spirit. Our ability to enact this plan relies on everyone’s willingness to participate in good faith.

We will continue to communicate details as they develop, and to post updates on our COVID-19 webpage. Questions may be directed to the President’s Office at president@hampshire.edu.

Ed Wingenbach

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