“Higher Ed Dive” Reports That Other Institutions Could Learn From Hampshire’s Revitalization

In a recent piece for Higher Ed Dive titledBack from the brink, Hampshire College is Nearing Financial Viability," journalist Danielle McLean chronicles the institution's journey from the brink of closure in 2019 to reinvention on the path toward financial sustainability. From establishing the Change in the Making campaign to redesigning the curriculum, McLean highlights how Hampshire offers a model for other institutions in crisis.

Higher Ed Dive Reported:

“Since the 2019 financial crisis, the college’s leadership has led Hampshire on a path toward financial viability. Hampshire launched a $60 million fundraising drive, revamped its curriculum and went all-in on what President Edward Wingenbach described as one of the ‘most distinctive and interesting missions’ in higher education: It is an experimenting college that aims to transform higher education, he said.
“That has meant doing away with majors and departments and instead offering curriculum focused on addressing the world’s pressing issues, such as climate change and racial injustice.
“‘If we’re going to be successful as an autonomous institution and reverse these financial challenges, it had to be by fundamentally committing to the mission and reinvigorating Hampshire’s distinctiveness,’ said Wingenbach.” 

[. . .]

“‘Today, other college leaders are trying to learn from Hampshire and discussing making changes before they reach their own financial crises,’ said Mary Marcy, a higher ed consultant and former president of Dominican University of California.

“‘The fact that places like Hampshire do seem to be turning around is an encouraging message,’ Marcy said.”

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