No Interest Monthly Payment Plan

Nelnet Campus Commerce (Nelnet) offers affordable monthly payment plans. With a monthly payment plan, families can spread out annual college fees over a period of several months. Parents arrange the payment plan directly with Nelnet. Parents determine the amount they want to budget, which can range from the full cost of education minus any financial aid to any lower amount.

There are no interest or finance charges on these monthly payment plans, although there is an enrollment fee. The  plan can be renewed each year and the amount can vary from year to year.

Nelnet may be reached at 800.609.8056 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. (Eastern Time) or online at

Financing Tip: If you are planning to borrow a loan, you should also consider a monthly payment plan to reduce the amount you need to borrow. For example, if you are planning to borrow $10,000 but can afford a $2,000 Nelnet contract you then just need to borrow $8,000 instead of borrowing the full $10,000. The reduced loan amount will reduce your future interest charges and your future monthly loan payments. 

If you have any questions about how a budget plan can assist you in paying your bill, please contact our student accounts department by phone at 413.559.6982 or by email at