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NS Student Endowed Fund Awards

Applications for NS Endowed Funds are accepted only ONCE per semester, near the beginning of each fall or spring semester.  The application deadline is determined each semester based on Division III filing dates. There is no open enrollment period, and the date for submissions will be posted when it is determined. If you do not see an application deadline at the top of this page for the semester you are planning to apply, then we are not currently accepting applications for that semester.

To prepare your application, see application guidelines.

NS Endowed Funds Supporting Division II and Division III Student Research

Samuel Morris Sustainability Endowment Fund

Supports Division II and Division III student research in environmental and agricultural sustainability. Award range: approximately $300-$600. Faculty contact: Jason Tor,, x5323.

Dana Meadows Sustainability Award Endowment Fund

Supports Division II and Division III student research in agricultural sustainability; in particular, projects directly related to the Hampshire Community-Supported Agriculture Program. Award range: approximately $200-$400. Faculty contact: Jason Tor,, x5323.

Denice O’Neill Scholarship Fund

Supports Division III research. The proposed research or project must relate to at least one of Denice’s passions: medicine, anthropology, woman and child health and health care, or child studies. Award range: up to $1500. Faculty contact: Pamela Stone, chair,; Elizabeth Conlisk,; and Cynthia Gill,

Justine Salton Memorial Fund

Supports the research of women Division III students. Preference will be given to those working in evolutionary biology or related fields, but applications from women working in other areas are also welcome. Award range: approximately $300-$600. Faculty contact: Charles Ross,, x5576.

Tara Nelson Award

Supports Division II and Division III student research dealing with alternative medicine, public health, and the integration of non-Western medicine with the U.S. healthcare system. Award range: up to $500. Faculty contact: Chris Jarvis,, x5580.


Please submit applications to the School of Natural Science office, Cole Science Center 310.

Need forms? Have questions? Contact Sarah:, or drop by Cole Science Center 310.



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