Address Updates

Need to update your address? Current students and their parents/guardians can submit their updated address using the online address update form

Information for current students

  • You are responsible for notifying the College of changes to your address.
  • You can view and update your primary (in many cases, your home) address on TheHub at e-checkin at the beginning of each semester. If you have an international address, however, you should submit any changes to your address via the online address update form.
  • If you have permission from Residence Life staff to live off-campus, you will also be prompted to update or verify your off-campus housing address at e-checkin. If you have already completed e-checkin for the semester, please submit the   online address update form.
  • College mailings are sent to your Hampshire box, whether you live on or off-campus.
  • Electronic correspondence is sent to your Hampshire College email address.
  • When away from campus (e.g., summer, leaves, field study) mail will be forwarded to your primary (in many cases, your home) address. During this time, you may not have your mail forwarded to another student's Hampshire College box. For students withdrawing or graduating, mail will continue to be forwarded for one year. For students going on any type of leave, field study or study abroad, mail will be forwarded for 15 months, or until you return to Hampshire, whichever comes first.

Information for alumni and former students

  • Former students should contact alumni and family relations to update their address or with questions as to how their address will be used.

Information for current parents/guardians