Division of Finance and Administration

Since its founding in 1970, Hampshire College has made an indelible impact on higher education with its inspirational and innovative faculty, committee-based student guidance, student-centered academic programs, comprehensive written evaluations of student achievement, and advanced independent capstone year. These founding values--innovation, collaboration, and self-directed achievement--today inspire the attitudes and work products of the division of finance and administration.

Our division comprises a broad array of services and departments, which together support the mission-based goals of the College as determined by the board of trustees in collaboration with the President, senior staff, faculty, and students. Our areas of responsibility include budget, internal accounting, student accounts, banking, investments, trusts and estates, audit, human resources, facilities and grounds, environmental health and safety, information technology, contract management, and risk management and compliance. We are also responsible for various self-directed units, including the bookstore, One Card office, children's center, duplication center, post office, and event services and summer programs. Our division works closely with key campus committees to ensure that our activities support theirs, among them the Budget and Priorities Committee, Strategic Enrollment Committee, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and the Benefits Advisory Committee. As active participants in these groups, we widely share financial and business information, helping our colleagues to know what we know and craft the best possible outcomes.

Our diverse division is bound together by a common set of principles. We aspire to excellence. We actively engage in ongoing education and professional development that support our commitment to continuous improvement. We take prudent risks by running experiments and applying what we learn from our successes, and just as importantly, our failures. We offer a helping hand and provide honest feedback. We help our colleagues make better decisions by keeping them informed. While we rely heavily on facts and trends to make decisions, we carefully consider the opinions, suggestions, and instincts of our colleagues who may help us see things unrevealed or obscured by the data.

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Financial Glossary

Need help interpreting business office terminology. Check out the Financial Glossary.