Grants Office

The grants office (formerly foundation and government relations) works to secure funding for faculty scholarship, institutional programs, and Hampshire College initiatives by providing a range of services that help build partnerships between the College and public and private organizations.

We manage the grant-seeking and grants administration processes by:

  • working with faculty on grants for scholarly work and fellowship applications;
  • collaborating with staff and faculty on institutional proposals;
  • researching potential funding sources;
  • writing and editing proposals;
  • helping manage deadlines;
  • assisting with interim and final grant reports;
  • providing institutional documents and data required by funders;
  • and more!

We have a new email address for you to reach us:

In addition to the grants office staff, the dean of faculty office and the business office also provide primary support for faculty grants, specifically sponsored research grants.

If you are seeking assistance in developing a data management plan, have concerns about retaining author's rights, or other related issues, the library can also provide substantive support.

Key contacts in these offices are:

Yaniris Fernandez, sponsored research officer (SRO) and associate vice president of academic affairs
Phone: 413.559.5781

John Dineen, director of budgets and planning
Phone: 413.559.5408