Preferred Name and Pronoun FAQ

Q: Who may enter a preferred first name and pronoun?
A: All students, faculty, or staff members may enter their first name and pronoun preferences.

Q: I want to change my preferred name (not legal name) or pronoun. How do I do this?
A: You can change your preferred name or pronoun in the Hampshire directory. Please note that your narrative evaluations will reflect your preferred name, but your transcript page and the name listed at the top of each evaluation will be your legal name.

Q: I’m a current student with a legal name change. How do I have my records changed to reflect my new legal name?
A: Please complete the Amend Records Form, available in and returned to the central records office. Also note that if you had previously entered a preferred name, that will still be displayed in place of your updated legal name. You should check your name preference on the directory to ensure it’s what you want to be displayed.

Q: I’m a former student with a legal name change. What are my options?
A: Alums can inform us of their new names in the alumni directory or by emailing

Transcripts, however, are issued in the name under which you attended Hampshire. Transcripts can be changed only if you request that your legal name and preferred pronouns be amended to reflect a change in gender identity. Contact with questions.

Graduates may request a new diploma.

Q: How long does it take to have my records amended if I have a legal name change?
A: Because we have to edit all of your narrative evaluations, it may take up to 45 business days. You will have a chance to review your records for accuracy after we have made the changes.

Q: I have a preferred name; will my preferred name or legal name be shown on my Hampshire OneCard?
A: Your preferred name will be shown on your Hampshire OneCard. If you already possess a Hampshire OneCard and then change your preferred name, there is a fee for a replacement OneCard.

Q: Where does my legal name appear on College records and/or systems used throughout campus?
A: Your legal name will appear on:

  • your transcript page(s) and at the top of each evaluation
  • your diploma
  • tax forms used in the course of student employment, such as I-9, W-4, M-4, etc.
  • tax forms issued by the college, such as W-2, 1098-T, 1095-C, etc.
  • any other place where we are compelled to do so by law
  • any checks issued to you by the College
  • any financial aid documents and website because it may contain legal documents such as promissory notes

Q: Where does my preferred name appear on College records and/or systems used throughout campus?
A: Your preferred name will appear on:

  • the roster that faculty see on TheHub and in your narrative evaluations
  • anywhere your name is displayed on Moodle course websites
  • the Hampshire directory
  • your Google Workspace (Gmail, Drive, etc.)
  • the Five College library system
  • the campus organization platform being used by Student Life
  • the student conduct platform being used by Student Life
  • most Hampshire websites, such as,, and so forth (there are too many to list them all)
  • on your Hampshire OneCard

Q: What pronoun options do I have?
A: A committee of students, faculty, and staff discussed various options and settled on the following values available to all Hampshire community members.

  • HE
  • SHE
  • THEY
  • ZE/HIR
  • NONE (do not use a pronoun)

Q: What happens if I don't select a pronoun?
A: The words "not set" will be displayed. This may be challenging for faculty who don't know the appropriate pronouns to use when writing evaluations, so we encourage all community members to record a pronoun.

Q: Where are pronouns displayed?
A: On TheHub class rosters and advising lists, in Moodle class rosters, and in the Hampshire College directory (displayed only when a Hampshire community member is logged in). Pronouns are never displayed on public websites (those not requiring a Hampshire login).

Q: I just received an evaluation, and my preferred name and/or pronouns are incorrect. How do I get this fixed?
A: Preferred name and pronoun errors can be resolved by contacting the appropriate academic administrator.

Q: If I take a Five College class, are my preferred name and pronouns shared with the faculty teaching the class?
A: Currently, the policies at the other colleges regarding the use of preferred names and pronouns differ significantly. As such, there is no single mechanism to share this with our Five College neighbors. That said, the Five College registrars are working to unify a method to support sharing this information.

Q: Wait! I just found a place/system that appears to use a name that it should not (e.g., legal vs. preferred or not updating after a legal name change). What do I do?
A: Contact IT staff at We strive to make the campus and related systems use both preferred names and pronouns. Please understand in some instances, the College does not control some systems and may not be able to change their behavior.

Q: I am registered for a Five College course. Where does my preferred name appear in systems across the Five Colleges?
A: Currently, the policies at the other colleges regarding the use of preferred first names and pronouns differ significantly. Although we share preferred first name information along with legal names through the request system, each campus may handle preferred first name usage differently, both on class rosters and on Moodle sites. The Five College registrars are working on procedures to support using preferred first names across the campuses.