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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

The process that culminated in the final strategic planning narrative included extensive and thorough community input. Our consultants, Keeling & Associates (K&A), together with Hampshire' Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC), held 146 meetings to collect the comments, ideas, and questions from more than 1,300 individual participants, and conducted a strategic planning survey that resulted in 850 responses and 6,700 narrative comments.

This input from the community heavily contributed to the strategic planning narrative (defined as the College's mission, vision, strategic priorities, and objectives).

Shortly after the approval of this narrative, the Implementation Planning Group (IPG) convened for the first time to begin its work of making the strategic plan actionable. The IPG, appointed by the President and composed of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, has been working over the summer to develop an implementation plan that details the projects and budget implications for effective implementation of the Hampshire College strategic plan.

Implementation Planning Group (IPG)

The IPG began by creating a comprehensive list of potential projects, including (1) all ideas suggested by community members in meetings and surveys during the initial 2013-14 information gathering phase; (2) projects that emerged from school reviews and academic retreats; (3) initiatives identified in the 2011 strategic planning process; and (4) currently active projects.

They narrowed that list through a three-phase screening process which involved evaluating each project against increasingly detailed sets of selection criteria developed by the IPG. In general, the criteria helped them identify which projects struck a balance between having the highest impact, likelihood of success, and relevance to the strategic plan. The group presented a final prioritized list of project recommendations to President Lash. It is available for your review on the IPG website at under the Documents tab, labeled "Final Round Projects".

President Lash presented these recommendations to the Board of Trustees on September 12, with the goal of having a final implementation plan shared with the Board in November 2014.  They reacted with enthusiasm to the high-level project summary, which is also online, and reflects the title that we will use for our strategic plan: "Educating for Change and Changing Education." In the next few weeks, the division heads will collaborate with their departments to determine how these projects can sequence into existing work portfolios over the next five years, and President Lash will charge a Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) to develop a system for tracking and reporting progress. A subset of faculty, staff, students and administrators from the IPG will serve on the SPOC, and Marlene Gerber Fried and Joanna Olin will continue on as co-chairs.

Hampshire's Implementation Planning Group

  • Marlene Gerber Fried, co-chair
  • Joanna Olin, co-chair
  • Larry Archey
  • Clay Ballantine
  • Bob Crowley
  • Amy Crysel
  • Wesley Evans
  • Ajmal Jackson-Brown
  • Kristen Luschen
  • Byron McCrae
  • Eva Rueschmann
  • Lee Spector
  • Mark Spiro
  • Meredith Twombly
  • Laura Wenk

Please go to the IPG website (Hampshire login required) to view their purpose and charge, member contact info, meeting notes, and relevant documents. You may share comments with the co-chairs and members via email, or post a public note under the Comments tab of the website.

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