Report an Incident or Concern

Submitting a report, student of concern, or Title IX complaint

To report an incident/concern, please email the following email addresses:

Students, faculty, staff, and non-community members who would like to submit an anonymous report can do so by clicking here.

The emails and anonymous form are NOT for emergency reports; if you need to report an emergency or hazardous situation, please call Campus Safety and Wellbeing at 413.559.5424 for immediate assistance. Any community member may email to report an incident or concern and will be contacted during business hours to follow up on the report. Please note that the College cannot follow up with you directly or provide any update if submitting an anonymous report. Emailing one or more of the addresses or submitting an anonymous report assures the concern will be reviewed and followed up on by the College; not all situations become part of the student conduct process.

Individuals curious about or wanting to engage in restorative practices should contact the following staff members for more information:

If you have any questions or need help, please contact