Report an Incident or Concern

Submitting a report, student of concern, or Title IX complaint

To report an incident/concern, use our online reporting forms:

 Hampshire College student and employee forms  

 Guest or anonymous reporting forms

 Curious about Restorative Practices?

This form is NOT for emergency reporting; if you need to report an emergency or hazardous situation, please call campus safety and security at 413.559.5424 for immediate assistance. Any community member may submit a report and will be contacted during business hours to follow up on the report. Submitting a report assures the concern will be reviewed and followed up on by the College; not all reports become a part of the student conduct process.

The link to find out more about Restorative Practices at Hampshire College will become active on Friday, March 11th, 2022. Please contact the Director for Restorative Practices ( for more information.

There are multiple forms listed when you click the link to submit. It will take you to a form utilizing Guardian our case management software. Once on the page you can search and select the person then under incident type you will select what you are reporting such as an incident, concern, Title IX or accommodations request. If you aren't sure, submit an incident and then after the report is reviewed the type will be updated to the appropriate setting.

If you have any questions or need help please contact