Residence Life and Student Engagement Staff

Senior Director of Residence Life and Student Engagement

Matt Troutman (he/him)

The senior director of residence life and student engagement is responsible for the oversight of the college's residence life and housing functions, including coordinating staff efforts and department processes to align with divisional and campus wide priorities. The senior director is responsible for developing residential communities that promote student success and managing effective office procedures. The senior director supervises the area coordinators, the coordinator for restorative practice, and the assistant directors for housing operations and campus leadership and activities. The senior director oversees the development and implementation of ongoing training for resident advisors and community facilitators and professional staff, creating a sense of shared purpose. The senior director resides on campus and participates in the emergency response “on call” duty rotation and the college CARE team.

Assistant Director of Housing Operations

Kaitlynn Bartley (she/her)

The assistant director of housing operations assists with the oversight of the housing operations office. The assistant director of housing operations implement the residentials operational systems necessary to ensure a well-maintained, safe, healthy, and secure living area for students. The staff administers all student housing assignments and room choosing; manages early arrival and late stay requests; processes and tracks residential repair requests and billing; replaces lost keys and provides lock-out assistance; and administers compliance to fire, health, and safety policies.

Area Coordinators

Area coordinators provide the principal leadership for the residential housing areas. As part of a campus-wide rotation, they provide a 24-hour response for after-hour concerns and crises. During office hours (8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.), the area coordinators meet with students to provide non-clinical counseling and relational support for individuals and groups. They help to problem-solve and mediate difficult living situations and are responsible for communicating and enforcing residential policies. When not engaged in these activities, the area coordinators strive to build community within their residential areas by providing social and educational activities. In addition, area coordinators supervise a group of resident advisors and community facilitators - residence life student peer leaders.

Enfield and Prescott Area Coordinator: Jo Wilson (they/them)

Merrill and Dakin Area Coordinator: Marlena Oliveri (she/her)

Dakin and Identity-based mods Area Coordinator: Aaron Andrews (he/him)

Resident Advisors and Community Facilitators

Each residential area has a team of student employees called resident advisors or community facilitators. Resident advisors and community facilitators live among and support the residents of a specific section of their residence halls. They provide peer-to-peer support to residents; communicate and facilitate compliance with Hampshire's community norms; facilitate meetings within halls and apartments, and plan and host community-building events of all kinds.