Responsible Employees

As we work to foster a campus environment that is free of all forms of discrimination and harassment, it is important for all community members to know who is designated as a "responsible employee" at Hampshire College. 

A "Responsible Employee" is any employee who is not a confidential employee or private employee. A responsible employee is required to report immediately to the College's Title IX coordinator all relevant details (obtained directly or indirectly) about sexual misconduct violations that involve a College student or employee as a complainant or respondent, including dates, times, locations, and names of parties and witnesses. Responsible employees include resident advisors, teaching assistants, EMTs, and all other student-employees when disclosures are made to any of them in their capacities as employees. If a complainant requests (a) that personally-identifying information not be shared with the Respondent, (b) that no investigation be pursued, and/or (c) that no disciplinary action be taken, the College will seek to honor this request unless there is a health or safety risk to the Complainant or to any member of the College community. Section VII.A. of the policy provides additional information about remedial and protective measures.

Responsible employees are not required to report information disclosed (1) at public awareness events (e.g., "survivor speak-outs", candlelight vigils, protests, or other public forums in which students may disclose sexual misconduct violations; collectively "Public Awareness Events," or (2) during an individual's participation as a subject in an Institutional Review Board-approved human subjects research protocol ("IRB Research"). The College may provide information about Title IX rights and about available College and community resources and support at Public Awareness Events, however, and Institutional Review boards may, in appropriate cases, require researchers to provide such information to all subjects of IRB research.

The following employees are "responsible employees":

Faculty members are defined as all full-time and part-time assistant, associate and professors; visiting, adjuncts, staff-faculty associates, graduate teaching assistants, Five College fellows; post-docs; alumni fellows, and any other position or rank that has or may be developed such that the individual has primary or significant responsibility for teaching undergraduate students.

Staff members are defined as all full-time employees, including senior administrators, deans (including associate or assistant deans), directors and managers (including associate and assistant directors and managers); and all Campus Safety and Wellbeing staff.

Additionally, all contracted service partners, including without limitation Bon Appétit, Document Services, and Printing/CBS, with respect to incidents or activities occurring or connected in any way with Hampshire College or its campus or programs.

All other student-employees when disclosures are made to any of them in their capacities as employees.

The resident advisors (RAs) are an essential part of Residence Life at Hampshire College. Resident advisors live among and provide support to the students in residence halls and mods. Resident advisors communicate campus and community expectations, address resident student behaviors that are not in compliance with Hampshire’s community norms, facilitate meetings within halls and mods, and plan and host community-building events. It is required for resident advisors to share reports that are made to them by students.

The teaching assistants (TAs) are an essential part of our community by assisting faculty teach classes.

EMTs are an essential part of our community safety and provide emergency medical care. EMT's are required to share reports that are made to them while they are working in their role as an EMT.

Before a survivor reveals any information to the "responsible reporter," the reporter should ensure that the survivor understands their reporting obligations, and, if the survivor wants to maintain confidentiality, direct the survivor to the following confidential resources:
• Hampshire health and counseling services, for counseling appointments, 413.559.5458
• Center for Women and Community at the University of Massachusetts, multiple options for counseling available for all genders, 24/7 crisis hotline 1.888.337.0800 or
• Spiritual Life (professional staff) for spiritually-based counseling and support, 413.559.5282

For more information about Sexual Respect and Title IX, including additional reporting options, please visit the Sexual Respect and Title IX page.