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AD/HD at Hampshire: A Guide for Students

For Initial Assessment and Treatment ("I think I might have ADHD?")

Health and Counseling Services providers have experience in the evaluation and care of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Students meet with a medical provider (NP, PA, or M.D.) for an initial assessment. After the intake appointment, recommendations will be made for your follow-up care. If you have not had AD/HD testing, you will be referred off campus for testing before you can receive any medication for AD/HD.
Hampshire College Health and Counseling Services is near admissions and the Red Barn.
Call for an intake appointment: 413.559.5458
Fax: 413.559.5583

For Accommodations Due to a Disability:

Accessibility Resources and Services (next to CASA offices in Lemelson)

To Transfer Care of Previously Diagnosed ADHD to Hampshire College Health and Counseling:

Students wishing to have their medication managed at Hampshire Health and Counseling need to have records from their previous provider(s) transferred to the clinic before an intake appointment is scheduled. This must include a complete educational evaluation conducted by a qualified psycho-educational diagnostician or licensed psychologist and should have been administered within three years of admission to Hampshire College.

Records may be brought to health and counseling, faxed to 413.559.5583, or emailed to, or mailed to:
Hampshire College Health and Counseling Services
893 West St, Amherst, MA 01002

The following form is available below or at the Health and Counseling office.

  • Medical/ mental health release form (send this to your previous physician who prescribed the AD/HD medication AND the psychologist who did the neuropsychological testing/assessment.)

Before scheduling an intake appointment, please call 413.559.5458 to ensure that required records have been received. 

For Counseling/Organizational Skills/Academic Help:

Health and Counseling Services: 413.559.5458

  • Confidential counseling for mood problems, substance use, identity or relationship issues, stress, or depression
  • "Disorganized and Distracted" workshops and group to support organization and attention strategies. Call 413.559.5458 for schedule.
  • Off-campus referrals for neuropsychological assessments and/or psychotherapy (covered by the student health insurance program)

Accessibility Resources and Services: 413.559.5498,

  • Arranges accommodations due to a disability for documented AD/HD and other learning, psychological, or physical disabilities
  • Individual help with organizational skills and time management strategies
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