International Student Services Staff

About Our Office

The Office for International Student Services (ISS) enhances and supports the educational, cultural and social dimension of international education at Hampshire College. We promote a diverse and engaging learning environment, provide services and programs that foster student success, and help guide international students in meeting their educational and personal goals.

Our Mission

  • Advise and assist students through the complexities of U.S. immigration, visa, and travel regulations, both prior to their arrival and throughout their stay at Hampshire College.
  • Assess the needs of international students and facilitate their transition and adjustment to life at Hampshire College and the Amherst area and offer information and educational workshops and activities on various topics throughout the year.
  • Act as a liaison and advocate with governmental agencies and various college offices. 
  • Facilitate awareness and learning on matters of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging toward achieving collective and institutional intercultural competence.

Our Staff