Tobacco Task Force

The purpose of the Tobacco Task Force was to bring together a representative group of Hampshire College staff, faculty, and students on campus to:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of current smoking  policy, compliance, enforcement, and cessation efforts on campus with the intention of decreasing negative consequences  due to smoking for all in the campus community. Negative consequences of smoking on campus include: exposure to second-hand smoke; health issues for individuals who     choose to smoke; appearance and smell of campus buildings and outdoor spaces; fire safety; and public/family relations.
  2. Provide detailed policy recommendations to Marlene Fried, acting president, by May 1, 2011 including suggestions and rationale for any proposed changes in campus smoking policy, enforcement, and/or cessation efforts.

February Task Force Meeting Minutes

March Task Force Meeting Minutes

Smoking Survey Responses

The Wellness Center conducted a couple surveys to gather information about students' attitudes toward smoking on campus. View the responses from the 2007 and 2011 surveys.

Recommendations of the Tobacco Task Force