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Hampshire Community Care Agreement

COVID-19 clearly demonstrates that only by deeply looking out for each other — acting as if everyone's life has inherent worth and is at risk; as if the health of one is the health of all — will we actually be able to lessen the amount of sickness and death, not to mention the emotional weight on us all. Unless everyone cooperates, the virus exponentially spreads.
Author, educator, organizer Cindy Milstein

At Hampshire College, we know that our actions impact others so we must all do our part in keeping our community and environment healthy and safe against the spread of COVID-19. The community agreement and guidelines outlined below were developed to recognize our individual and communal responsibility to ensure a healthy and productive environment for all. Disregarding this agreement and guidelines can put other students, staff, and faculty at risk. This agreement expresses our commitment to face this challenge together and extend compassion to all of our community members.
To PROTECT myself and others:

  • I agree to adhere to national, state, and local health guidelines and requirements, and to adhere to measures Hampshire College deems safe and appropriate for its campus.
  • I agree to follow the guidelines set forth in the online COVID-19 training.
  • I agree to conduct a daily COVID-19 symptom self-check before leaving my room. If I answer YES to any of the questions in the checklist, I agree I must stay home and participate in class remotely that day.
  • I agree to wear a face covering in all public indoor common spaces including bathrooms and hallways (even if alone), and outdoors, even when I am able to maintain a six ft distance from others. I understand, this does not apply to my bedroom which is a personal space.
  • I agree to wash hands frequently with soap and water, and use hand sanitizer. 

To PREVENT the spread of COVID-19:

  • I agree to navigate spaces on campus safely, wiping down surfaces when deemed necessary to do so, and following all sidewalk and building signage regarding capacity limits, traffic flow, and other safety measures.
  • I agree to follow our COVID-19 guest policy; residence halls are open only to Hampshire College students living in residence. No off-campus visitors (including family members) are allowed in the residence halls. I am allowed one guest from the Hampshire Community in my room at a time.
  • I agree to treat the common living area I share with my mod or hallmates, as our collective personal space, this includes a mod kitchen/living room or floor lounge. I understand when we are together in our space, we are not required to wear a facial covering or maintain physical distancing with one another, as we are considered a “family unit” and close contacts. I agree to wear a facial covering and maintain physical distancing in our collective personal space if one of us has a guest visit.
  • I agree to limit unnecessary personal travel and adhere to Hampshire’s transportation policies and guidelines.
  • I agree to self-quarantine and isolation if it is deemed necessary for me to do so. I understand that the College will provide a separate residential space for students who are symptomatic or determined to have COVID-19, as well as a separate space for close contacts or individuals who might be positive.
  • I agree to not host or attend gatherings, events, parties, or other social activities on and off-campus that may cause safety risks to me and other members of the community, and will remove myself from any gatherings that become unsafe.
  • I agree to cooperate with all contact tracing efforts. 

To PREPARE and PLAN ahead:

  • I agree to participate in the COVID-19 testing upon arrival and the weekly asymptomatic testing program throughout the semester.
  • I agree to engage in restorative conversations related to maintaining our community well-being when invited to participate.
  • I agree to seek out the guidance and support of college staff in the Dean of Students Office, Residence Life and Student Rights and Responsibilities, and/or faculty if I notice a behavior that is concerning. 

Hampshire College holds as paramount the health, safety, and wellness of every member of its community. In complete transparency, when you come onto campus, you understand that none of us can guarantee what shape COVID-19 will take. And, although we have and will continue to take recommended steps to mitigate this risk, Hampshire College cannot categorically guarantee a COVID-19-free environment.
Signing this agreement indicates that you understand that neglecting these agreements could result in a violation of the Code of Conduct as they relate to these expectations of community behavior, and may result in removal from College housing.

The only way to survive is by taking care of one another.
Philosopher-activist Grace Lee Boggs

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