Information for Graduates

The Hampshire College commencement ceremony is about celebrating you. Take an active role and make it as successful as you are.

Commencement Plans and Diploma Names
Commencement Information and Diploma Form

Registration begins on Saturday morning in the FPH lobby at 9 a.m.

Graduate Names
You will receive a name card at registration to present to the dean when crossing the stage. DO NOT change--or exchange--your card. If you have a concern about the pronunciation of your name, someone will be at the registration table to assist you. Make sure you have your name card with you at all times.

Line-up for the commencement procession begins at 10:15 a.m. at the FPH courtyard. Participants line up in the following order: Pipers, staff convener, President and trustee chair, dean of faculty and keynote speaker, student moderators, deans, trustees, faculty, alumni, students. There is no alphabetical order in the line-up, so you may process with your friends. The procession begins 10:45 a.m. sharp. You cannot join the procession after it begins.

Please take your seats as quickly as possible. You must fill in all the rows as you process into the tent, which means it might not be possible to sit with all your friends.

Order of events: (See commencement program)

Reading the Graduate Names
An usher will indicate when each row is to go up to the stage. Make sure you have your name card with you. You will be guided to the entering side of the stage. Staff will give your name card to the dean of faculty, who will read your name and prompt you to cross the stage. Stand on the marked spot on the stage (an "X") to meet the President. After the President congratulates you, you will leave the stage on the other side and go directly back to your seat. Graduating students must be in their seats after all the names are read, so degrees can be conferred by the President. The commencement ceremony is over at this point, and you may leave to meet your families and friends.

Diplomas will be handed out right after the commencement ceremony in front of Cole Science Center (in the RCC, in case of rain). Please pick them up first before going to get refreshments. To get a diploma you must not have any holds on your account (e.g., overdue library materials, unpaid balance on your student account). You should check your student account on TheHub to confirm if you have a balance due and, if possible, be sure to settle your student account by Friday, May 13 at noon.

If you have a question about a library hold, please contact Suzanne Karanakis (413.559.5762, Questions about holds from the business office should be directed to the student accounts office. Please note that diploma holds *cannot* be cleared on the date of commencement.

Important Pre-Commencement Events
Mandatory Graduate Meeting:
Thursday, May 12
3:00-4:30 p.m.
Franklin Patterson Hall Main Lecture Hall
All graduating students are required to attend this informational session for commencement.

Division III Presentations and Performances:
Friday, May 13
1-4 p.m.
Franklin Patterson Hall, Adele Simmons Hall, Music and Dance Building, Liebling Center
Schedules will be available in the FPH Lobby on Friday afternoon.

All-Community Commencement Reception:
Friday, May 13
4-5 p.m.
Longsworth Arts Village

Commencement Ceremony
Tickets are not required for the commencement ceremony; however, families are advised to arrive on campus early to allow ample time to park and insure seating under the tent. Additional seating will be available in the FPH Main Lecture Hall, where a live webcast of the ceremony will be screened.

Residences Closing
All residents must be completely moved out of campus housing, have returned their keys to the housing operations office, and have left the campus by 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 15. Residents who return keys after 10 a.m. or who are found on campus after 10 a.m. will be billed a $100.00 late stay charge.

Division III Title Changes
Students can change their Division III titles directly on TheHub without having to revise their entire contract. From the evaluation menu, there is a new link under "Division III" called "Change My Division III Title." Students can complete this form anytime until their Division IIIs are evaluated by their chairs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to publication deadlines, the title listed on the May commencement program is the title on the Division III contract on the pass date. The titles will be shared with the school offices and central records; it is therefore strongly recommended that students consult with their Division III chairpersons and confirm that the title on the contract is consistent with the title submitted to the committee, and the one they want listed on the May commencement program.

Cap and Gown Ordering Information
Those graduates wishing to pre-order a cap and gown for the commencement ceremony should contact Heidi Mercer in the bookstore by email at, by phone at extension 6000, or by stopping into the bookstore. The deadline for pre-ordering a cap and gown is April 22.


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