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Student Health Insurance

Regardless of insurance coverage, most services at health and counseling services are available to students at no additional charge beyond the health services fee. These include:

  • Nurse visits and telephone advice
  • Physician and nurse practitioner visits
  • Psychological counseling visits
  • Lab tests performed on-site (pregnancy, UTI tests, HIV, TB tests)

College students in Massachusetts are REQUIRED to have health insurance.
FAQs for Student Health Insurance (pdf)

Students need health insurance for:

  • Prescription medications
  • Laboratory tests and x-rays
  • Immunizations
  • Ambulance and hospitalization
  • Medical or counseling visits to off-campus professionals

To comply with the Massachusetts state regulations, all students are automatically charged for and enrolled in the student health insurance plan through Gallagher Koster.

If you are covered under another plan and can provide your policy information, you may waive the College's insurance, after July 1, at the, and your student account will be credited. Not all plans provide comparable coverage to the Hampshire College Student Health Insurance Plan. View the FAQs for Student Health Insurance (pdf), or check with your insurance company before waiving coverage.

Fees charged for the student health insurance plan are separate from the health services fee, which pays for utilizing the College's health and counseling services.


  • The deadline for waiving the Hampshire College Student Health Insurance Plan is August 11.
  • Between August 12 and September 15, waiving is only considered under appeal with an online Petition to Waive.
  • Coverage begins August 15. If insurance is utilized at any time after coverage commences, waiving is no longer an option.

 Insurance for Special Circumstances

  • Foreign medical insurance coverage is not acceptable under Massachusetts law. Therefore, you cannot waive coverage unless you are currently enrolled in an U.S.-based insurance company comparable to the Hampshire College student medical insurance plan.
  • Leave of absence students must request insurance through the College.
  • Insurance is required for field study students, and can be waived if they have comparable coverage. The student will be automatically enrolled.
  • Leave of absence and field study students are eligible to have coverage continue for a maximum of two semesters if they had insurance coverage the preceding term. If the insurance was waived the preceding term, they are not eligible for Koster's insurance.
  • Leave exchange students (outgoing) are required to have insurance. Students can waive the insurance if their private carriers will cover them out of the United States. This must be approved via Gallagher Koster's waiver plan.


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