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Office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities

Welcome to the office of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities (OSCRR). This office serves as a hub for students' understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Increasing student knowledge of rights and responsibilities to the campus community allows students to make positive decisions around interpretation of policy and personal accountability for behavior. The office is located in the Prescott area office. Please contact the director of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities, Jessica Fontaine, if you have any questions about student rights, policies, resources, or if you are interested in getting involved in student support opportunities offered by OSCRR.

OSCRR Purpose Statement

The purpose of the office of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities is to support the student life and College missions by engaging the campus community around issues pertaining to social responsibility, personal accountability, and transformative education.

OSCRR is Accepting New CRB Members!

Members join the CRB in various ways: random selection, application, and nomination. By having multiple ways of adding members to the board, we create a diverse pool to hear violations of policy that bring multiple different perspectives to this important work.

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