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Enfield housing area at Hampshire College

To report an incident/concern, use our online reporting forms.

 Hampshire College student and employee forms                    Guest or anonymous reporting forms

This form is NOT for emergency reporting; if you need to report an emergency or hazardous situation, please call campus safety and security at 413.559.5424 for immediate assistance. Any community member may submit a report and will be contacted during business hours to follow up on the report. Submitting a report assures the concern will be reviewed and followed up on by the College; not all reports become a part of the student conduct process.

While the College does have the authority to take action on all reports of violations of policy, and you can anonymously report behavior, please note that without the participation of the reporting party, the process may be limited. At minimum, reports regarding violations of policy must meet the following criteria in order to move forward in the process:

  • Must be timely: Reports must be submitted within 14 weeks of the alleged event, unless there are other compelling circumstances for a delayed filing as determined appropriate by the dean of students office or office of student conduct, rights, and responsibilities. The following periods are not applicable to the 14 week timeline: between the last day of classes in the spring semester and the first day of classes in the fall semester; between the last day of classes in the fall semester and the first day of classes in the spring semester.
  • Cannot be harassing: Complaints filed as a means to harass or retaliate against a student are violation of Norms for Community Living and Policies and may be grounds for disciplinary action against the person filing a report as a means to harass or retaliate against a student.
  • Must be specific: The person reporting the violation must submit enough information in writing to suggest that a violation may have occurred and include as much information and evidence available at the time the report is submitted. If there is not enough information to suggest a violation may have occurred, other options for resolution will be recommended.


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