Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Serving as a teaching assistant is an academic endeavor equivalent to taking a course. The College expects teaching assistants to attend the class sessions and spend a minimum of six hours weekly outside of class on duties related to the course.

    Teaching assistants engage in the material at a deep, sustained level throughout the semester in order to be able to assist in any of the following as negotiated with the professor:

    • Course planning
    • Leading discussions/Critiques
    • Designing and teaching one or more class sessions
    • Holding office hours
    • Providing feedback on papers and other assignments
    • Scheduling and acting as a liaison with community and academic partners
    • Other duties as appropriate to the course

    Students serving as teaching assistants must officially register as such by submitting enrollment forms to central records by the deadline to submit forms during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester of the course. They may not register for the actual course and will receive an evaluation of their role from the faculty member by the course evaluation deadline.

    It is important to note that the duties and responsibilities of teaching assistants differ significantly from the duties of work-study positions or those of office/course assistants, which are more limited in scope.

    It should also be noted that teaching assistants are responsible reporters/employees. This means that they should report any information received while serving in their role that indicates the sexual misconduct policy may have been violated. Please review the Title IX policy for more information https://www.hampshire.edu/offices/title-ix