Green Dot

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What is Green Dot?

Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy that mobilizes students, staff, and faculty to reduce rates of sexual and relationship violence at Hampshire College. Simply put: a green dot is an individual choice to help make Hampshire safer. Colleges and communities are using the Green Dot program across the United States. Studies have shown a 50% decrease in the self-reported frequency of sexual violence perpetration by students at schools who received the Green Dot training.

So, how does it work?

Imagine a map covered with red dots. Each red dot represents an act of violence (emotional, physical, sexual, or stalking) or a choice to tolerate, justify, or perpetuate violence. Examples of red dots include sexual assault, using violence to control a partner, or any statement or action that justifies or minimizes violence. A red dot is an individual choice to do nothing in the face of a high-risk situation.

Now imagine adding a green dot in the middle of those red dots on our map. A green dot is any behavior, choice, or action that promotes safety and communicates intolerance for violence. Examples of green dots include taking a friend out of a high-risk situation; hanging an educational poster in your hall or mod; a telling a friend how much this issue matters to you; or organizing a bystander training for your student group. Finally, a green dot is the individual choices that you make at any given moment to make our campus safer.

Green Dot empowers bystanders to interrupt power-based violence before it starts. By training folks to be active bystanders, looking out for one another, we can make this campus a safer place for everyone.

Learn about bystander trainings

So, how do I create Green Dots?

  • Call out victim-blaming statements.
  • Challenge jokes that minimize violence.
  • Make sure a friend who is incapacitated due to drugs/alcohol gets home safely.
  • Call campus police if you see any high-risk situations. From a campus phone, call x1.911 or x5555; from a cell phone, call 413.559.5424.
  • Speak up if you are concerned a friend is in an abusive relationship.
  • Leave a party with the friends with whom you came.
  • Encourage your hall/mod mates to get involved.
  • Talk to your friends about the importance of being a bystander.
  • Support survivors of sexual assault.
  • Refer your friends to resources when they need help.
  • Introduce Green Dot to your student group during a weekly meeting.
  • Ask to have key staff and faculty trained on recognizing and responding to violence at Hampshire.
  • Talk to the students in your student group about the importance of looking out for each other.
  • Attend a bystander training.
  • And so many more! What’s your Green Dot?

Attend a Bystander Training

Maximize your impact as an active bystander by attending a Green Dot training. As part of the training you will build skills to recognize red dots, examine your own barriers towards taking action, and gain the ability to intervene early in situations that can lead to violence. You’ll learn about proactive and reactive green dots and figure out what green dots make the most sense for your life. For questions about the Green Dot prevention strategy or to participate in a bystander training please contact Ashley Netanel, associate director of wellness program at 413.559.5743 or

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