Urgent. Unbounded. Entrepreneurial.


Take part in a curriculum that reflects the world around us — ever-changing, fluid, and never contained within a single discipline. Focus on working with your peers and faculty members to directly tackle 21st-century challenges and enact real change in the world.

And since we're actively committed to advancing social justice, you'll see this topic woven into everything we do.

Become a Provoker of Big Questions

You will not come to Hampshire to pursue a major. Instead, you'll choose the faculty advisors you'll work with to create your own curriculum addressing the big question, challenge, or issue you're most interested in. 

You'll work across, between, and without disciplines—and you'll curate your own original course of study. You'll be challenged with the freedom to formulate questions never asked before. 

Pursue Knowledge Through Stages

You advance through a divisional structure rather than traditional school years. Each Division requires a portfolio review, including narrative feedback from each course, final papers and projects, community-engaged learning, other meaningful work, and a retrospective, capped off by a yearlong Div III project of your own design

Face the World's Revolution with an Evolution of Your Own 

We've launched a bold new curriculum organized around four Learning Collaboratives. Through these collaboratives, we bring disciplines together to address the pressing issues facing society today. And as global challenges shift, so do the topics of our collaboratives. We evolve and change to reflect the world around us. 

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